The legality of gel blasters in Canada varies by location. There is no federal law banning them, but provinces and municipalities can enact restrictions or bans through bylaws.

Gel blasters are illegal in some major cities like Toronto and Vancouver due to local bylaws, while legal in other regions. You should research local laws in your area before purchasing or using gel blasters.

Are Gel Blasters Considered Firearms in Canada?

This was my biggest question when I first started researching gel blasters. Are they actually classified as firearms federally here in Canada? The answer is no, they are not considered firearms under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Unlike real guns, gel blasters lack gunpowder and firing pins. There are currently no federal laws outright prohibiting the sale, purchase or possession of gel blasters across all of Canada. However, keep in mind…

Can You Buy and Own Gel Blasters in Canada?


With no federal gel blaster bans in place, technically you can legally buy and own them in at least some parts of Canada. I was able to purchase one online through a specialty retailer without issue. Of course, I made sure my local laws allowed it first!

Availability does vary regionally based on municipal and provincial gel blaster rules. And you may see minimum age requirements imposed like 18+ or 21+ even where they are legal. More on those local laws next!

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What Are the Gel Blaster Laws by Province In Canada?

This is where things get really tricky! In my research, I discovered gel blaster legality in Canada depends heavily on location and local laws. Let’s look at a few examples:

Gel Blaster Laws in Ontario

Here in Ontario, several municipalities like Toronto and Hamilton have enacted bylaws banning or restricting gel blasters. But other cities like Ottawa have no specific gel blaster laws, leaving them in a legal grey area. Always check your local rules!

Gel Blaster Laws in Alberta

By contrast, Alberta was one of the first provinces to regulate gel blasters under gaming and entertainment legislation. This makes them legal with some age restrictions. Check municipal laws too though.

Gel Blaster Laws in British Columbia

Out in BC, while not illegal provincially, many cities and towns including Vancouver have enacted local laws banning or restricting gel blaster possession and use. A tricky situation!

Gel Blaster Laws in Other Provinces

Similarly, other provinces like Saskatchewan and Manitoba have seen certain municipalities ban or restrict gel blasters locally through bylaws. But no overarching provincial legislation yet.

Are There Any Federal Bills Proposed on Gel Blasters?

Given the inconsistencies in local gel blaster laws across Canada, several private member’s bills have been introduced federally to try regulating them.

Some proposals sought to ban replica firearm imports, including gel blasters. But so far, none of these federal bills have passed into law. Worth keeping an eye on though!


Whew, so there you have it – my comprehensive guide on where gel blasters currently stand legally across Canada as of 2023. The unclear status and varying local laws definitely make it tricky for enthusiasts like me. Hopefully this overview has you a bit more informed on gel blaster legality no matter where you live. Stay safe and have fun out there!

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