I’m always on the lookout for engaging toys that are designed for little kids and toddlers. I recently came across an automatic bubble guns kids love made specifically for young children to enjoy blowing bubbles outdoors.

This colorful bubble gun comes with a 90ml bottle of kid-safe bubble solution so you have everything you need to get started right away. It generates a stream of bubbles automatically at the press of a button, unlike manual dip and wave bubble wands. There’s also an attached regular bubble wand for even more bubble fun.


BASBE Bubble Machine Gun

  • Easy on/off power button
  • Super Value Bubble Blower
  • 5000+ bubbles per minute
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Key Features for Kids & Toddlers

Some of the key features that make this a great starter bubble toy for toddlers include:

  • Easy on/off power button that’s simple to press and activates the automatic bubble maker.
  • Battery-powered so it’s portable for outdoor bubble play anywhere. No cords to plug in.
  • Sturdy plastic handle sized for small hands to grip and carry.
  • Automatically generates a flow of bubbles with no manual dipping in solution.
  • Comes with a regular bubble wand attached so they can blow even more bubbles.

Here is My Experience BasBe Bubble Gun

Set Up of the Bubble Maker

To get the toddler bubble gun ready, first I attached the bubble wand to the front nozzle. It clicks into place easily.

Next I opened the included 90ml bottle of bubble solution and poured about half into the reservoir. More solutions equals more bubbles!

The bubble gun takes 2 AA batteries which I inserted into the covered battery compartment.

Then I turned on the power button and the bubble machine was ready for action! The set up took less than 5 minutes total.

Toddler Operation of the Bubble Gun

This bubble maker couldn’t be easier for my toddler to operate.

She presses the large colored power button on the handle to turn it on and start the flow of bubbles.

Gently waving the attached wand blows even more bubbles to chase and pop!

When she’s finished having bubble fun, she hits the power button again to turn it off. Simple for little hands!


Supervised Outdoor Bubble Play

We like taking the toddler bubble gun outside for playtime in the yard, at the park, or on the sidewalk.

It’s fantastic portable entertainment while getting fresh air. My daughter loves toddling around popping the streams of bubbles floating around her.

The automatic operation means I don’t have to manually dip and wave, allowing me to relax while supervising her bubble play.

Plus it’s a great cause and effect learning toy – she’s starting to understand pressing the button makes the bubbles appear!

Cleaning the Toy After Use

Once bubble playtime is over, cleaning it is very easy.

I drain any remaining solution from the reservoir and rinse it thoroughly with water to prevent stickiness.

Giving the wand and nozzle a good rinse removes bubble residue.

Finally, I take out the batteries for safe storage until our next bubble session!

Pros and Cons of the Toddler Bubble Gun


  • Automatically generates bubbles at the push of a button, no manual dipping.
  • Easy on/off button toddlers can press themselves to control bubbles.
  • Battery operation makes it portable for use outdoors and on-the-go.
  • Helps teach cause and effect as bubbles appear when a button is pressed.
  • Sturdy plastic handle is sized right for small hands to grip.


  • Short battery life, especially with frequent use. Limits portable play time.
  • Small 90ml bottle of solution doesn’t last long with continual bubbles.
  • Attached bubble wands don’t produce many bubbles, most come from the base.
  • Nozzle is prone to clogging from dried solution if not rinsed well.


Overall, this automatic bubble machine designed specifically for toddlers and young children provides delightful simple bubble fun through its push button operation and portability. While the small solution amount and battery life could be improved, the ease of use, automatic bubbles, and sturdy toddler-friendly design make it an ideal starter bubble toy for early learning and outdoor entertainment. Supervised beginning bubble blowers will love the magical streams of bubbles they can create themselves with this fun summer toy!