I recently tested out an automatic bubble machine gun that has been upgraded to have 132 bubble holes in the bazooka-style barrel. Along with dramatically more bubble holes than typical bubble guns, it also features colorful lights that flash in sync with the bubbles. This creates a magical effect.

The upgraded bubble gun comes with a bubble solution so you can start the bubble fun right away. It’s designed for both children and adults to enjoy, whether you want to play indoors or take it outside for bubble fun anywhere.


Calabash Bubble Gun

  • 132 bubble holes
  • Fun flashing color lights
  • Fully automatic
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Key Features of the Upgraded Bazooka Bubble Gun

Some of the key features that make this most fun bubble blowers really exciting are:

  • 132 bubble holes, which is way more than usual. This high number of holes generates tons of bubbles.
  • Fully automatic operation that continuously produces bubbles with no manual dipping needed. Just turn it on, point, and watch the bubbles flow.
  • Battery powered with the option of 4 AA batteries or a rechargeable USB battery pack for portability.
  • Adjustable bubble output control so you can create anything from a gentle stream to an all-out bubble blizzard.
  • Durable thick plastic construction that makes it sturdy and resistant to damage. Safe for kids.
  • Fun flashing color lights synchronized with the bubbles to amplify the magical effect.

What I Experienced Using the Upgraded Bubble Gun

Setting up the 132-hole Bubble Machine Gun

To start using the upgraded bubble gun, I first had to unpack all the parts and assemble it. The main unit houses the large bubble solution tank. The bazooka barrel locks securely onto the front.

Before turning it on, I filled the tank about halfway with the included bubble solution. More solutions equals more bubble fun!

For power, I opted for the rechargeable USB battery pack over standard AA batteries for convenience. The battery pack easily slides into the compartment on the back.

The setup took about 5 minutes total. Pretty easy and quick – now the real excitement begins!

Operating the Automatic Bubble Gun


Operating the automatic bubble gun is super easy. First I switched on the power button on the battery pack.

Next I turned the bubble output dial on the back all the way up. I wanted maximum bubbles of course!

Then I pointed to the bazooka barrel where I wanted bubbles bursting forth and let the fun begin!

The machine instantly starts blowing a constant flurry of bubbles in an impressive volume. I occasionally checked the solution and refilled the tank to keep the bubble party going.

Enjoying Bubble Play Time

The upgraded bubble gun truly takes bubble fun to the next level. The barrage of bubbles floating through the air is incredible.

With 132 bubble holes, it certainly lives up to the promise of producing way more bubbles than standard bubble guns.

The lights flashing in sync with the bubbles adds a beautiful ambiance. It feels like I’m inside a magical bubble snow globe!

We like to turn off the main lights and let the bubble gun work its magic. The translucent bubbles glow and shimmer as they catch the flashing lights. It’s mesmerizing.

The nonstop cascade of thousands of bubbles creates a tranquil scene that kids and adults alike can get lost in. Bubble playtime has never been more fun thanks to this machine!

Cleaning the Bubble Machine After Use

Once the bubble extravaganza winds down, I make sure to properly clean the machine:

  • First I drain any leftover bubble solution from the tank and rinse it out well. This prevents sticky build up.
  • Next I use a damp cloth to wipe down the entire unit to remove any solution drips or spills.
  • Then I detach the battery pack or USB cord and store the bubble gun parts safely until next use.

Proper cleaning keeps the machine looking and working like new for endless bubble fun over time.

Pros and Cons of the Upgraded Bubble Gun


What I Like About the 132-hole Bubble Gun

Based on many rounds of bubble playtime, I found this upgraded bubble gun has some great advantages:

  • It generates an absolutely incredible amount of bubbles, thanks to the 132 bubble holes. Way more than standard bubble guns.
  • Battery or USB power options allow flexibility and portability in how you operate it.
  • Adjustable output lets you customize the intensity of the bubbling action.
  • The durable thick plastic makes it sturdy enough for kids and frequent use.
  • It provides fun for all ages, from toddlers to full grown adults.

What I Don’t Like About the Upgraded Bazooka

While overall amazing, there are a few potential drawbacks to note:

  • It is very large and bulky compared to compact handheld bubble guns, making storage a challenge.
  • With 132 holes, it gulps bubble solution rapidly so keeping enough in stock can be pricey.
  • Battery life may drain quickly with heavy use, especially non-rechargeable AA’s.
  • The bazooka nozzle is prone to clogging from low quality or thick solutions.
  • Large size and tank makes portability limited, not ideal for traveling.


To summarize this review, the upgraded automatic bubble machine gun with 132 bubble holes takes bubble fun to the next level through sheer bubble volume and magical flashing light effects. It’s fantastic for transforming any indoor or outdoor setting into a wondrous bubble bash.

While the pump design does have some downsides like bulkiness and solution consumption, the incredible bubble performance outweighs those factors for me. If you’re looking to upgrade your bubble play, parties, or events with a machine that delivers maximum bubbles and delight, this 132-hole bazooka won’t disappoint!