The Bubble Gun I’m reviewing is an automatic bubble maker gun with 69 holes in a colorful bazooka design. It comes with bubble solution so you’re ready to start blowing bubbles right out of the box.

This bubble machine gun is made for both kids and adults to enjoy, whether you want to play indoors or outdoors. With its bright flashing lights synchronized to the bubbles, it’s great for parties, weddings, or any occasion that calls for some magical bubble fun.


Bazooka Bubble Machine Gun

  • Automatic bubble blowing
  • Battery powered with 4 AA batteries
  • Lightweight and portable
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Key Features of the Bazooka Bubble Machine Gun

Some of the key features that make this an exciting automatic bubble gun are:

  • Automatic bubble blowing so you don’t have to manually dip and wave to produce bubbles. This makes it easy and fun for kids.
  • Battery powered with 4 AA batteries or USB rechargeable battery pack options for powering the automatic bubble production. This gives you flexibility in how you want to operate it.
  • Adjustable bubble output dial so you can control the rate of bubble production from a gentle flow to an all-out bubble storm. Kids love cranking up the output for maximum bubbles.
  • Durable thick plastic construction makes it sturdy while the safe rounded edges are great for kids. You don’t have to worry about little fingers getting injured.
  • Lightweight and portable so you can easily move it outside or bring it with you to a party or event. Weighing under 3 pounds, it’s easy for most kids to carry.

Using the Bubble Gun – My Experience

Setting Up the Bubble Machine Gun

When you first get the Bubble Gun, you’ll need to unpack all the parts and assemble it. The main unit holds the bubble solution tank and the bazooka barrel snaps onto the front.

The bubble solution it comes with needs to be poured into the tank before you can start blowing bubbles. Fill it at least halfway to get good bubble production.

Powering the bubble gun requires 4 AA batteries inserted into the battery compartment or you can use the rechargeable USB battery pack.

Overall, setup is quick and easy – just a few minutes to unpack, fill, and power up. Then comes the fun part!


Operating the Automatic Bubble Gun

To start blowing bubbles, you first turn on the power switch on the battery pack or USB cord. I prefer the rechargeable USB battery since I can easily recharge it after playtime.

Next, you’ll want to adjust the bubble output dial on the back of the unit. Turning it up produces more bubbles, so you can go from a light bubble stream to a dense flurry. I usually max out the dial for the full bubble experience!

Point the bazooka barrel where you want the bubbles to fly and enjoy the show! The bubble machine automatically generates a constant stream of bubbles.

One tip is to check the solution level occasionally and top up the tank as needed. More solution equals more bubbles.

Bubble Play Time Fun

I’ve had a blast using the automatic high-quality bubble guns for indoor bubble play and parties. The bazooka design with lights flashing in sync with the bubbles really enhances the fun.

With the battery or USB power, you don’t have to dip and wave manually, allowing you to kick back and enjoy the show.


Hundreds of bubbles gently floating through the air and popping around you is mesmerizing. We like to shut off other lights and use a spinning disco ball to watch the bubbles shine and dance in the lights.

It really transforms a room into a magical bubble universe. The translucent bubbles with swirling colors and reflections are beautiful, as bubbles often are.

Overall, the bright lights paired with hordes of colorful bubbles creates a joyful playtime atmosphere. The Bubble Gun keeps the bubbles coming so the fun never stops!

Cleaning Up After Bubble Play

Once you’ve had your fill of bubble fun, there are a few clean up steps I recommend.

First, drain any remaining bubble solution from the tank and rinse it out so it doesn’t get sticky residue building up inside.

Next, I wipe down the outside of the bubble gun with a damp cloth to get rid of any bubble solution that may have dripped or spilled during filling and use. This prevents crusty build up that’s hard to remove later.

Finally, remove the batteries or USB cord and pack up all the parts so they are clean and ready for next time.

Proper cleaning ensures your Bubble Gun will last through many bubble adventures.

Pros and Cons of the 69 Hole Bubble Machine Gun

Advantages of the Automatic Bubble Gun

After playing with the 69 Hole Bubble Gun, I’ve found it has several advantages:

  • Generates an incredibly high volume of bubbles for endless magical bubble fun thanks to the multiple bubble holes.
  • Battery or USB power options allow you to use AA batteries or the included rechargeable pack for convenience.
  • Adjustable bubble output gives you control over the intensity of the bubble experience.
  • Fun, bright flashing lights are perfectly synchronized with the bubbles to enhance the magical effect.
  • Durable thick plastic construction means this bubble machine gun is built to last through rough play.
  • Suitable for all ages so both kids and adults can enjoy bubble playtime.

Disadvantages of the Bazooka Bubble Gun

While overall a great bubble making machine, there are a few drawbacks to consider:

  • It is quite large and bulky compared to handheld bubble guns, making storage a bit tricky.
  • To generate a dense flurry of bubbles, it consumes a lot of solution which can get expensive over time.
  • Battery life could be longer, especially if not using the rechargeable pack.
  • The bazooka nozzle can clog up if lower quality thicker bubble solutions are used.
  • Large bubble tank makes it less portable than compact guns. Not ideal for taking traveling.


To wrap up this Bubble Gun review, I’d say that the 69 hole bazooka design is very effective at delivering exciting, high volume bubble fun through automatic operation. Seeing hundreds of colorful bubbles accompanied by flashing lights really amplifies the magical experience, making it thrilling for kids and kids at heart.

While it does have some drawbacks like bulkiness, thirst for bubble solution, and clogging issues, the amount of bubble magic it generates outweighs those downsides for me. If you’re looking for massive automatic bubble fun at home or your next party or event, I think you’ll be amazed with the performance and enjoyment this Bubble Gun offers. It’s a bubble machine gun that certainly brings the wow factor!