Nowadays, Orbeez have become a hugely popular bath toy for children. But did you know some people use them for splatrball guns too? Can you actually use Orbeez as ammo in a splatrball blaster?

While it may be tempting to use Orbeez as an alternative to water beads in a Splatrball gun, it’s not advisable for several reasons. Law enforcement agencies, like the police in Fernandina Beach, warn against the high-speed impact of Orbeez, stating it could result in injuries.

Furthermore, Splatrball guns are specifically engineered to fire water beads. Manufacturers discourage the use of Orbeez, emphasizing that it may impair the gun’s performance.

For safety and optimal functionality, it is highly recommended to read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and only use water beads in your Splatrball gun.

There are some definite limitations and drawbacks you should know about. Stick with me and I’ll walk you through everything you need to consider if you want to try this unusual ammo combo.

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So, What Exactly is a Splatrball Gun?

Splatrball guns are toy compressed air blasters designed to shoot water-absorbing polymer gel beads or balls. They first emerged around 2015 and are a higher performance version of classic squirt guns.

Compared to regular squirt guns, splatrball blasters can shoot farther and with more power. They use compressed air to launch the gel ammo at velocities of around 200-250 feet per second. Many models have a pump-action mechanism to compress air, while others use automatic electric compressors.

The ammo is fed from a hopper or magazine loaded with the gel beads. When you pull the trigger, the blaster uses the compressed air to propel the beads out the barrel at high speeds. This gives splatrball guns an effective range of about 15-25 feet.


Some key attributes of splatrball blasters:

  • Compressed air propulsion – Allows for more power than just water pressure alone.
  • Ammo hopper/magazine – Holds a large supply of gel beads for continuous firing.
  • Adjustable velocity – Many models allow tweaking muzzle velocity from 50-250 fps.
  • Automatic or manual firing – Options for both automatic battery-powered fans and manual pumps.
  • Tactical aesthetics – Designed to emulate the look and feel of real firearms.

The ammo typically used is dimpled splash gel balls. Their unique shape allows them to smoothly feed through the system without jamming while still absorbing water on impact.

So in short, splatrball blasters are a big step up from regular squirt guns. But how do the properties of Orbeez compare as ammo in these high performance toy weapons?

Using Orbeez as Splatrball Ammo – Detailed Breakdown

When you first think about it, Orbeez seem like they should work well in splatrball guns. Their soft, squishy texture and small round shape makes them a viable choice to load into the ammo hopper.

The smooth, spherical Orbeez can technically fit into the feeding system and chamber correctly to be propelled out the barrel by the compressed air. Their soft and deformable texture also allows them to absorb impact when hitting a target without causing pain or injury.

So you definitely can use Orbeez as splatrball ammo. Their water-absorbing capacity means they will swell up and burst on contact, similar to regular splat ball ammo. And if you want a wider variety of vibrant colors and sizes compared to standard dimpled gel balls, Orbeez offer more options.

While functional, Orbeez are not necessarily optimized for the high velocities and demanding feeding mechanisms in splatrball blasters. Some definite downsides quickly arise.

One issue is that Orbeez tend to jam in splatrball guns much more easily than purpose-built ammo. The superabsorbent polymer beads can swell up when they absorb ambient humidity and moisture while being loaded in the hopper. This can cause them to distort in shape and get stuck.

Since Orbeez are designed to absorb a ton of water, they will expand rapidly when hit with water during use. This quick swelling can further increase jamming and clogging issues.

You also have to consider the smooth, low-friction surface of Orbeez. This allows them to hydrate evenly when soaking in water, but also makes them slippery. Standard splat ball ammo has a dimpled surface to grip the feed system better.

Finally, the lower density of the polymer in Orbeez gives them less mass than dense water-absorbing crystals formulated for splat ball ammo. The light weight negatively impacts ballistic performance, resulting in decreased velocity and range.

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Performance Issues With Using Orbeez

So while Orbeez can technically function as splatrball ammo, they come with some performance drawbacks:

  • Jamming – Absorbing ambient moisture in the hopper can cause deformations that lead to more jams and clogs in the feeding system.
  • Poor feeding – Less grippy surface and swelling when wet makes them slippery and prone to jamming.
  • Low density – Lighter weight polymer means less mass, which reduces velocity and range.
  • Smaller sizes – The regular marble-sized Orbeez may be too small for best performance.

To help mitigate some of these feeding and jamming issues, you need to use smaller Orbeez rather than full-sized varieties. The petal-shaped and mini marble sized Orbeez around 3-5mm tend to run better in the blasters.


Their lower water absorbency keeps them from swelling as much during use. The smaller diameter also more closely matches standard ammo, improving feed reliability. But the lighter weight still lowers performance compared to actual splatrball ammo.

The excessive swelling of Orbeez when hydrated can spell disaster inside your splatrball blaster as well. If they expand too much, they can damage the feeding mechanisms or clog the barrel. A jammed blaster is never fun, especially if it leads to broken parts.

Safety Concerns With Orbeez

On top of performance problems, there are some safety factors to keep in mind when using Orbeez as splatrball ammo. Though made from non-toxic sodium polyacrylate polymer, Orbeez are still not meant to be eaten. Accidentally ingesting the beads could potentially pose a choking hazard, especially for smaller children.

The biggest issue recently has been reports from the FDA indicating Orbeez may carry foodborne pathogens when wet. The superabsorbent polymer soaks up any bacteria or viruses in the surrounding water.

This means improper cleaning and reuse of Orbeez could allow dangerous microbes like Salmonella, E. coli, or Legionnaires’ disease to grow and spread. Definitely something to be cautious about, especially when using Orbeez as ammo that will get dirty and transfer between players. Proper disposal and hygiene is a must.

While these risks can be managed with good safety practices, traditional splat ball ammo avoids these problems entirely by nature of its construction. Overall, Orbeez just pose more hazards when used as splatrball ammo compared to purpose-built gel blaster beads.

Better Ammo Alternatives for Splatrball Guns

Given the performance drawbacks and safety concerns surrounding Orbeez, far better ammo options exist for splatrball blasters. Specifically, the traditional dimpled splash gel balls these guns are designed to shoot.

Splatrball ammo uses denser water-absorbing compounds compared to the sodium polyacrylate in Orbeez. This gives the beads greater mass and ballistic properties for improved velocity, range, and impact.

The defining feature of splat ball ammo is the dimpled, golf ball-like surface. This textured shape allows the gel beads to feed reliably through the hopper without jamming. The dimples also help the ammo absorb water on impact for maximum splatter.

When it comes to safety, splat gel balls avoid the risks and hazards introduced by Orbeez. They use non-toxic materials and compounds not prone to growing mold or bacteria like Orbeez.

Splatrball ammo is available in a wide spectrum of bright colors and even glow-in-the-dark varieties. So you don’t sacrifice any color options versus using Orbeez.

In summary, purpose-built splatrball ammo offers:

  • Reliable feeding – Dimpled shape prevents jamming in the hopper.
  • Max performance – Designed for high velocity and impact splatter.
  • Safety – Non-toxic materials that don’t promote microbial growth.
  • Color options – Available in all popular colors, glow and metallic looks.

For the optimal ammo choice with your splatrball blaster, you can’t go wrong with standard dimpled splash gel balls. While Orbeez may seem tempting, they just can’t match the performance and reliability of purpose-made splatrball ammo. The last thing you want is a jammed blaster full of swollen, ruptured Orbeez!

The Final Take on Orbeez as Splatrball Ammo

At the end of the day, what’s the verdict on using Orbeez as splatrball ammo? Well, you technically can use them since their shape and soft texture allows them to work in the ammo hoppers and firing system. However, Orbeez really aren’t optimal due to performance and safety issues.

The superabsorbent polymer beads are prone to jamming, clogging, and reduced ballistic properties compared to purpose-made splatrball ammo. Their smooth surface and swelling action just doesn’t feed as cleanly.

Orbeez also introduce risks like choking hazards or bacterial growth when improperly cleaned and stored. This is especially concerning for unsupervised kids reusing dirty Orbeez.

While it can be done, for the best performance and safety, traditional dimpled splash balls are the superior ammo choice for your splatrball blaster. They are specifically designed to feed smoothly and shoot straight with gel-filled splattering impacts.

So in the battle of Orbeez versus splatrball ammo, the standard dimpled gel balls win out. Their reliable feeding, better ballistics, and avoidance of health hazards make them the ideal choice to load into your splatrball hopper. Spend your energy soaking and playing with Orbeez in the pool, and leave them out of your blaster!

Hopefully this overview gave you a good sense of the pros and cons of trying to use Orbeez in a splatrball gun. While an interesting idea, the performance and safety trade-offs make splatrball ammo the wise option instead. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any other toy blaster ammo questions!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use Orbeez in my gel blaster?

You shouldn’t use Orbeez in a gel blaster. Gel blasters are designed for specific ammo, and Orbeez could affect performance or safety.

Are splatter balls and Orbeez the same thing?

Nope, they’re not the same. Splatter balls are typically water-filled gel balls, while Orbeez are super-absorbent polymers. Different makeup, different purpose.

Can you use gel blaster ammo in a SplatRBall gun?

Not recommended. Gel blaster ammo and SplatRBall ammo aren’t interchangeable. Using the wrong ammo can mess up your gun’s performance.

Are SplatRBall guns legal?

Laws vary by location. Before buying or using a SplatRBall gun, check your local and state regulations to make sure you’re in the clear.

Can you put Orbeez in a SplatRBall gun?

Bad idea. Orbeez aren’t designed for SplatRBall guns and can lead to safety risks or gun malfunction. Stick to the manufacturer-approved ammo for the best experience.

Can you use normal Orbeez in a SplatRBall gun?

No go on using normal Orbeez in a SplatRBall gun. They’re not the proper ammo, and using them could risk safety and mess up your gun’s performance.

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