Once Orbeez have dried out completely, they can be thrown away in the trash. Orbeez can be added to the soil in indoor plant pots after they have been dried out.

Don’t flush Orbeez down the toilet or put them in the garbage disposal because they can cause a clog.

How To Dispose Of Orbeez?


Prepare The Orbeez For Disposal

Before you can recycle or toss Orbeez, you need to get them ready. Here’s what to do:

  • Drain any excess or standing water and let them dry completely. You can spread them out on a towel overnight to dry. This keeps them from sticking together.
  • Pick up any loose, stray beads with gloves or a vacuum to contain them. Limit spillage.

Getting rid of the moisture helps them solidify. Dried Orbeez are easier to handle and less likely to burst open.

Can Orbeez Be Recycled?

I know you’re probably wondering if you can recycle Orbeez. After all, recycling is the best way to prevent waste from piling up in landfills. Unfortunately, orbeez can’t be recycled through traditional curbside programs.

Here’s why:

  • They are made of a water-absorbent polymer called polyacrylamide along with food dyes.
  • This composition makes them difficult to reprocess into new plastic products.

While regular recyclers can’t accept Orbeez, some specialty recycling programs designed for plastic beads, nurdles, and powders may take them. It’s worth looking into options in your area.

For most people though, the trash will be the easiest disposal method.

Throw Away Orbeez in the Trash

Since they aren’t generally recyclable, throwing Orbeez away is the most convenient and accessible option. Here are some tips for trashing them:

  • Place the dried Orbeez in a sealed plastic bag or container. This prevents spills.
  • Put the sealed Orbeez in with your regular household garbage. Do not try to flush them or wash them down drains.
  • Make sure they end up in a landfill rather than as litter. Secure lids on outdoor bins.

While the landfill isn’t the most environmentally friendly choice, it safely contains the beads. Just don’t let them loose before they get there!

Alternative Methods To Get Rid Of Orbeez

There are alternatives to the landfill if you wish to dispose of Orbeez in a manner that is more environmentally friendly. Here are some alternatives for waste disposal:


Donate Extra Orbeez

Consider donating an entire bucket of Orbeez that have never been used! Schools, youth programs, daycares, and summer camps could use them for educational or sensory play.

Before making a donation of orbeez, check with organizations to see if they can accept them. This allows the beads to be reused rather than discarded immediately.

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Crafts made from Orbeez.

Orbeez that have been dried can be used as art and craft supplies for children’s projects. Because they adhere to one another, when they are glued they can be used to create unique textured paints or collage pieces.

Remind young children not to put them in their mouths or scatter them. Crafting lets you divert Orbeez from the trash in a controlled way.

Investigate Specialized Recycling

As stated previously, some industrial recyclers accept polyacrylamide beads from diapers. These facilities are equipped with specialized machinery to manage them.

Determine whether orbeez are accepted by any nearby plastic processors. It’s a long shot, but it’s worthwhile to inquire before discarding the possibility.

Prevent Orbeez From Escaping into The Environment:

We have addressed disposal. However, it is also essential to prevent Orbeez from becoming pollution. Consider the following guidelines for responsible use:

Supervise Kids During Play:

Set ground rules for your children regarding the proper use of orbeez. Inform them not to throw, mix, or release them outside. Provide cleaning containers. Engage with their play.

Proper supervision guarantees that the beads are contained throughout the entire process. There are no stray orbeez in the house or outside.

Clean Up Properly After Playtime

Sweep or vacuum up every last bead and do not let any wash down the drain. It only takes a few orbeez escaping to clog pipes or pollute water.

Dispose of them following my previous tips once playtime wraps up. Prompt clean-up keeps orbeez out of places they don’t belong.

Are orbeez bad for the environment?

While orbeez themselves are non-toxic, they can harm the environment if disposed of improperly. Since they are plastic, orbeez do not biodegrade quickly. Releasing them into natural waterways or ecosystems can pollute habitats.

Their small size also poses a risk of clogging drains and pipes if washed down sinks. The best way to minimize their environmental impact is to avoid littering them, keep them out of storm drains, and dispose of used orbeez responsibly in the trash.

How to get rid of orbeez in tub?

If you’ve got a bathtub full of orbeez after a fun sensory play session, drain the excess water first. Then use a plastic sieve or strainer to collect the orbeez as the tub drains. You can also scoop them out by hand into a bucket.

Let any remaining orbeez adhered to the tub dry completely then peel them off. A plastic spatula can help scrape off stubborn orbeez. Pick up every last bead to avoid potential pipe clogging.


What to do with Orbeez when finished?

Let Orbeez dry completely, then throw them away in the trash. You can also repurpose dried Orbeez for crafts.

Are Orbeez safe for the environment?

No, Orbeez can pollute waterways and harm ecosystems if disposed of improperly. Discard them in the trash, not down drains.

How long does it take for Orbeez to decompose?

Orbeez do not biodegrade easily, as they are made of plastic that persists in the environment. Proper disposal is important.

Can I flush Orbeez down the toilet?

No, flushing Orbeez can clog pipes. Always throw used Orbeez in the trash instead.

What happens if you let Orbeez dry?

Dried Orbeez shrink down and become hard, making them easier to sweep up and dispose of.

When should you throw out Orbeez?

Discard Orbeez once they are no longer being used for play. Do not leave them in water indefinitely.

In Summary…

Orbeez are a lot of fun during sensory play, but they must be disposed of with extra care. By dehydrating them, properly containing them, and preventing them from entering waterways, you can reduce their environmental impact.

I am aware that the landfill is not the ideal solution, but it is the most secure standard option for the majority of people. Rather than discarding orbeez immediately, being resourceful with recycling programs and donations can extend their lifespan.

Above all, exercise caution with orbeez use and supervise children closely. Establish orderly cleaning habits in them. Proper maintenance of orbeez ensures worry-free playtime and decreases plastic pollution.

With some shrewd procedures, we can prevent the tiny superabsorbent balls from becoming an enormous disposal problem! Please let me know if you have any additional orbeez-related questions.

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