If you’ve got kids, chances are you’ve heard of Orbeez – those super cool, squishy little gel balls that grow in water. My kids are obsessed with them! They love making what seems like endless concoctions with their Orbeez – from sensory bins to spa creations and even Orbeez guns or blasters.

And as a father, I’ve learned that you’ve got to be careful how you store Orbeez when they’re not being played with. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a dry, shriveled up mess!

After going through multiple containers of hard, unusable Orbeez, I finally figured out some good methods for storing them properly.

And here is the quick method to store, that I found.

To keep your Orbeez fresh and ready for the next playtime, pop ’em in a closed container like a Zip-Lock bag or Tupperware. Keep that container out of direct sunlight and you’re good to go. This simple step will help your Orbeez last longer and stay bouncy for future fun.

Proper Orbeez storage is important for a few reasons: it keeps them clean and safe for kids to handle, extends their life so you don’t have to replace them as often, and prevents mold growth which can happen if you seal them up wet.

I’ll share everything I’ve learned over the years about how to store unused Orbeez, Orbeez toys, and Orbeez used for sensory play. These tips will save you money and frustration, while letting your kids enjoy these sensory toys as long as possible!

How to Store Unused Orbeez?

Whenever my kids get a new tub of Orbeez, of course they don’t use up the whole container at once. Here are my top tips for storing the leftover unused Orbeez in between playtimes:


Keep Them in an Airtight Container

The key here is finding a container that won’t let any air escape. I like to use plastic food storage containers or resealable plastic bags – just make sure you press out any air before sealing. This prevents the unused Orbeez from drying out.

Store Them Somewhere Dark and Cool

keeping Orbeez in a cool, dark place like the fridge is ideal, but even just putting them in a closet works. I avoid anywhere with direct sunlight, as the UV rays can actually degrade the Orbeez over time.

Use Moisture-Absorbing Packets (Optional)

Those little silica gel packets you find in all sorts of packaging make a great addition to your Orbeez storage container. Tossing one in absorbs any excess moisture, helping prevent mold growth.

Don’t Mix Used and Unused Orbeez

It’s tempting to just throw unused Orbeez in with ones that have already been played with, but I avoid this. Used Orbeez may introduce dirt or contaminants you don’t want spreading.

By following these simple tips, I’m able to keep unused Orbeez from drying out before we break them out again. It really cuts down on wasted Orbeez!

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How to Store Orbeez Toys and Guns?

My kids have accumulated quite the collection of Orbeez toys over the years. From basic water blasters to more elaborate guns with water tanks, they love modding and upgrading their gear. But proper storage for these toys is a must! Here’s what has worked for us:

Disassemble and Dry Thoroughly After Use

Once they’re done battling it out, the first step is to take apart the toy and dry each piece. Leaving residual water or moist Orbeez leads to mold later on. I have the kids spread parts out on a towel to air dry.

Store in Airtight, Waterproof Container

Clear plastic storage bins work great for both drying and storing orbeez toys. Just make sure to pick a container that seals tightly and is waterproof, in case any stray drops of water remain.

Clean Regularly

About once a month, I’ll do a deeper clean by wiping down the water tank, tubes and other parts with disinfecting wipes or a diluted bleach solution. This prevents gross buildup of mold and grime.

Following this routine keeps their Orbeez toys in good shape for years of play. And as a bonus, replacing the Orbeez regularly improves hygiene.

How to Store Orbeez for Sensory Play?

In addition to blasters, my kids also love using Orbeez for sensory and science activities. They’ll spend hours scooping and sorting them in themed sensory bins. To keep these Orbeez in good condition for repeated use, I follow these steps:


Use Shallow, Food-Safe Containers

For sensory tubs, I prefer using shallow plastic containers intended for food storage rather than deep bins. The low sides make it easier for little hands to reach in and play. And plastic labeled “food-safe” gives me peace of mind when hands or Orbeez end up in mouths!

Clean and Sanitize Regularly

After each play session, I throw away any Orbeez that look dirty or discolored. Then I wash the container and tools with hot, soapy water and let them air dry. About once a week, I’ll do a full sanitize by soaking them in a bleach solution.

Allow Orbeez to Dry Completely Before Storage

If we don’t finish using the Orbeez, I’ll spread them out on a towel before storing. Putting away moist Orbeez leads to moldy clumps pretty quick! Letting them dry prevents this.

With some basic cleaning habits, we get a lot more use out of sensory bins and activities before needing to replace the Orbeez inside them.

Can you put orbeez in the fridge?

Sure, you can stash Orbeez in the fridge, but it’s not really necessary. They’re best kept in a dry, cool spot away from direct sunlight and heat. Putting them in the fridge won’t harm them, but it’s not gonna give you any big benefits either. If you’re looking to store them in water for a short period, remember to change the water every 2-3 days to avoid mold.

Do you store orbeez in water?

Yes, you can totally store Orbeez in water if you’re planning on using them again soon. Just make sure to swap out the water every 2-3 days to keep mold at bay. But if long-term storage is what you’re after, a dry, cool place away from sun and heat is your best bet.


Orbeez are tons of fun for kids, but also prone to drying out or growing mold. By keeping unused Orbeez in an airtight, cool container, disassembling and drying orbeez toys after use, and cleaning sensory Orbeez bins regularly, you can maximize the life of your Orbeez. Few things are more frustrating than realizing an entire tub has molded and needs tossed out!

Proper storage methods let you enjoy these sensory toys for longer. While Orbeez are inexpensive individually, replacing containers again and again adds up. By implementing some of these simple orbeez storage tips, you can relax knowing your Orbeez will be fresh and ready for playtime for as long as possible!

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