A gel blaster is a toy gun that shoots water-filled gel beads or balls, similar to a water gun but with more power and accuracy. The soft gel projectiles can sting when they hit skin but are safer than hard plastic airsoft BBs and that’s the reason gel blasters are legal in the Philippines.

Gel blasters are spring-powered like airsoft guns, using a pump mechanism to build compressed air pressure to shoot the ammo. They are popular for recreational gel battles similar to paintball or airsoft.

Gel Blaster Legality in Philippines

What does the law say about gel blasters?

There are no specific Philippines laws regulating or banning gel blasters. They don’t meet the legal definition of firearms. Some consider them unregulated toys while others see them as potentially illegal imitation firearms. The legal status is ambiguous.

Where can gel blasters be used in the Philippines?

Using gel blasters openly in public, especially cities, risks confusion and concern. Private property or designated fields away from crowds are safer options currently. Their use is generally tolerated if done responsibly.

Age restrictions for using gel blasters

There are no gel blaster-specific age laws. Like airsoft guns, adult supervision and safety precautions are highly recommended, especially for minors.

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Safely Using Gel Blasters in Philippines

Gel blaster enthusiasts should follow safety practices like:

  • Wearing eye protection
  • Establishing safe game boundaries
  • Avoiding excessive rapid fire at close range
  • Using biodegradable ammo only
  • Regularly chronographing muzzle velocity
  • Maintaining air seals to prevent leaks
  • Communicating rules and roles clearly

The Appeal of Gel Blasters for Filipinos

Gel blasters are popular in the Philippines due to:

  • Affordability compared to airsoft
  • Customization potential
  • Active owner community
  • Reliability in hot, humid conditions

The Future of Gel Blasters in Philippines

Increased popularity will likely prompt legal restrictions like licensing, age limits, public use bans or even outright prohibitions. Designated fields, rentals and forming an organized sport could help gel blasters thrive under regulation.

Irresponsible use in public spaces must be avoided through community self-regulation. With prudent guidance, gel blasting could become a recognized recreation and sport.

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