Who doesn’t love a good water gun fight on a hot summer day? I know I sure do! There’s just something so fun and refreshing about soaking your friends and family with jets of cool water in the backyard. But standard water guns can get kind of boring after a while.

So when I heard about gel blasters that shoot little water beads, I was instantly intrigued. I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to play outside with my kids and liven up our outdoor activities.

So I was pretty pumped when I got the chance to test out the Gel Gun Blaster, an electric gel ball blaster designed for backyard battles. This seemed like the perfect way to take our summer water fights to the next level! In this review, I’ll give you an overview of what this unique toy is all about, walk you through my experience using it, and let you know who I’d recommend the highest-quality orbeez weapons for.


HIJJPS Orbeez Gun Blaster

  • Shoots up to 60,000 BPA
  • Perfect for backyard battles
  • 2 balls per second
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Firing PowerShoots up to 60,000 BPA-free hydro gel balls; adjustable FPS cap for indoor/outdoor use
Firing RateBattery-powered for rapid semi-auto firing; ~2 balls per second
Ammo CapacityLarge hopper holds lots of gel balls for extended battles
SafetyIncludes protective goggles to prevent eye injuries
Outdoor FunPerfect for backyard battles, camping, hiking, and more
Easy CleanupGel balls are reusable, biodegradable, and easy to clean up
Age AppropriateRecommended for ages 12+ with adult supervision
AffordabilityBudget-friendly price for an entry-level gel blaster

Key Features of the Gel Gun Blaster

Here are some of the most important features that make the Gel Gun Blaster well-suited for backyard battles:

  • Shoots up to 60,000 BPA-free water beads – it comes with a bag of 20,000 to get you started. The large capacity hopper means more time playing before you have to stop and reload.
  • Battery-powered semi-auto firing lets you shoot beads rapidly with a fast motorized firing rate. Pull the trigger and unleash a quick stream of gel balls.
  • Adjustable fps cap for controlling power – dial it down for indoor use or crank it up for bigger outdoor battles. This makes it safer for playdates with friends.
  • Comes with protective goggles to prevent eye injuries. You’ll look like a sci-fi soldier wearing these during backyard battles!
  • Water beads are biodegradable and water-absorbent so there’s minimal mess to clean up afterwards. Much better than soaking the lawn with water guns.

So in summary, it brings together the fun of water gun fights with the intensity and excitement of battles using an electric toy blaster. The adjustable fps makes it versatile for both indoor and outdoor play. And it’s a safer alternative to paintball or Airsoft for family-friendly competitions.

How Was My Personal Experience?


Alright, enough background info. Let’s get to the good stuff – what it was actually like to use the Gel Gun Blaster! When the box first arrived, I have to admit I was super eager to bust it open and start blasting. Here’s a recap of my experience taking this bad boy into the backyard for some extreme family fun.

Unboxing and Setup

I opened up the box and laid out all the contents so I knew what I was working with. It comes with the gel blaster itself, a pair of protective goggles, a bag of 20,000 hydro gel balls, and the required 4 AA batteries.

The beads are shiny, translucent little spheres that feel rubbery and squishy to the touch. I read that they expand to 400 times their original size when put in water! The goggles look just like protective eyewear you’d wear for Nerf battles or while playing paintball.

After installing the batteries, I popped open the lid on the hopper and poured in some gel balls. Then I closed it back up and pulled back the slide to load the first ball in preparation for firing. The gun itself seemed lightweight yet durable in my hands with a good grip.

At this point, I was itching to shoot it, but I knew I needed to start safely by testing it out and adjusting the fps down initially.

Test Firing in the Backyard

The moment had arrived – it was time to finally pull the trigger and see this thing in action! I started by adjusting the fps dial to the minimum setting, just in case it was more powerful than expected.

My youngest daughter volunteered to be my first target out in the yard. I took aim and pulled the trigger – the gun made a fast clicking sound as a single green hydro ball flew through the air, landing about 10 feet away with a soft thud in the grass. My daughter gave me a thumbs up that it didn’t hurt at all.

After a few more test shots, I turned the fps up slightly to increase the firing power and range. The gun shot about 2 balls per second, though sometimes it shot a short burst of around 5. The reload time was quite fast – just slide the top slide back and you’re ready to fire again.

I was really impressed with the accuracy at up to 30 feet away. The gel balls flew pretty straight until dropping fast near the end of their range. The battery-powered firing mechanism worked great with no jamming or misfires.

Outdoor Gel Ball Battles

Once I felt comfortable with the operation and safety, it was time for the real fun – an epic battle! Myself and 3 of my kids geared up with goggles and loaded gel blasters for an all-out war in the backyard.

Right off the bat, I was at a disadvantage being outnumbered 3 to 1. Those little rascals ganged up on me, pelting me with gel fire as I tried to run and take cover behind trees. I managed to get some good shots in, though I have to admit my kids dominated me!

We had a blast chasing each other around the yard, hiding behind bushes for cover, and generally soaking each other in harmless gel rain. The 60,000 ball ammo capacity lasted for over 2 hours of battle. And I loved that we could pick up the biodegradable beads afterwards and reuse them again and again.

When the battery on my blaster eventually ran low, I simply switched it out for the backup I had charged up earlier. The whole family was all smiles but exhausted after an epic afternoon of battle. We headed inside for some snacks to replenish before planning another battle for tomorrow.

Based on my firsthand experience, I can definitely confirm the Gel Gun Blaster provides hours of active, engaging fun for kids and adults. The adjustable fps makes it work both indoors and out. And the clean-up of the water beads is quick and painless.

Who Should Buy the Gel Gun Blaster?

After taking the Gel Gun Blaster into battle myself, I’ve concluded it’s an awesome blaster that I’d wholeheartedly recommend for:


Families with Older Kids

This is a great choice for families with kids ages 12 and up. With adult supervision, it provides a fun way for kids to run, play, and work together as a team. The fps can be turned down to make it safe for indoor battles on rainy days too. It promotes physical activity and gets kids away from TV or video games.

I did notice the pump-action slide and trigger may be stiff for smaller children under 12 to operate. But with safety guidance from parents, it can teach proper sportsmanship and responsibility to older kids and teens.

Gel Ball Enthusiasts

Fans of gel ball blasters will appreciate the strong value provided by the Gel Gun Blaster. It may not have as high of fps or rate of fire as premium gel guns, but at this very affordable price point, it’s a great entry-level choice.

The gun performed well for me in the accuracy and distance departments right out of the box. And it reliably fed and fired the hydro gel balls even during extended battles. For casual players on a budget, it’s a solid foundation to build your gel arsenal.

Anyone Looking for Outdoor Fun

You certainly don’t need to be a kid to enjoy backyard battles with the Gel Gun Blaster. This is a great pick for anyone looking to add some outdoor entertainment to barbeques, parties, or family reunions.

The water beads won’t hurt pets or damage plants either, so it’s safe to use around the yard. camping. I could even see friendly office battles being a fun team building activity! Either way, the Gel Gun Blaster brings people together for active play and laughter.

Final Verdict: A Fun Gel Blaster for Hours of Action

At the end of the day, would I recommend the Gel Gun Blaster? Absolutely! My family had an absolute blast battling it out in the backyard with these gel ball blasters. Here are a few final pros and cons based on my experience using it.


  • Very easy and intuitive to use right out of the box – just load the beads and batteries and you’re ready for battle.
  • Provides hours of continuous fast-paced outdoor entertainment for kids and adults.
  • Adjustable fps makes it versatile for indoor and outdoor battle arenas.
  • Water beads are reusable and easy to clean up after battles. No mess!


  • Battery life could be a little longer – I’d recommend having a backup battery pack ready to extend playing time.
  • Firing power and rate of fire are a bit lower than premium gel blasters. But that also makes it appropriate for younger players.

The Bottom Line

The Gel Gun Blaster scores big points for safety, value, and fun. With adult supervision, it’s an excellent choice for families with older kids looking for an affordable introduction to the world of gel ball blasters.

It brings people together for active, screens-free entertainment with minimal fuss. The adjustable fps provides the flexibility to safely battle indoors or take the action outside. While the battery life leaves something to be desired, I was overall thrilled with the performance right out of the box.

So if you’re searching for an easy-to-use gel blaster for backyard battles at a reasonable price, I can confidently say the Gel Gun Blaster will make a great addition to your toy arsenal! It delivers a super fun experience for all-ages without the mess and pain of water guns or paintball. Get ready for some epic family battles!