Alright fellow toy blaster fans, I’ve got an exciting new gadget to share with you today! I recently had the chance to test out the NLFGUW Electric Gel Ball Blaster and let me tell you, this baby takes outdoor play to a whole new level.

If you’re looking to upgrade your water gun battles and outdoor adventures, read on for my hands-on review. We’ll take a look at how this electric gel blaster works, my experience testing it, who it’s best for, the pros and cons, and my final verdict on whether it’s a worthy addition to your toy arsenal. Game on!


NLFGUW Orbeez Gun

  • Semi-auto and full auto
  • Holds 60,000+ gel ball rounds
  • Effective range of 30+ yards
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Here’s the Rundown on This Unique Gel Ball Blaster

Before we dive in, let’s quickly cover the basics of what this toy is all about. The NLFGUW blaster has a pretty cool design that sets it apart from your standard water guns.

  • Instead of shooting plain water, it fires super absorbent gel beads or “splatter balls.” These balls burst and splatter on impact.
  • The blaster has an electric motorized design. When you pull the trigger, it automatically spins up the barrel to rapidly shoot tons of gel balls.
  • It holds a massive amount of ammo – we’re talking over 60,000 gel ball rounds loaded up and ready to go. No constant refilling needed.
  • There are two firing modes: semi-auto and fully auto. Semi shoots one ball per trigger pull, full auto shoots continuous rapid-fire streams.
  • It’s powered by a built-in rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing batteries. Very handy!
  • Adjustable FPS lets you dial in how hard the ammo impacts from 300 up to 400+ FPS. Adds variety to battles.
  • The whole package comes with the blaster, charging cable, ammo hopper, and a fill nozzle for loading up the beads.

So in summary – this is like next-level, high capacity automated electric warfare compared to your standard water pistol! Let’s see how it held up in battle.

Firing ModesSemi-auto and full auto
Ammo TypeSuper absorbent gel balls
Ammo CapacityHolds 60,000+ gel ball rounds
PowerRechargeable battery
FPS AdjustabilityDial adjusts impact velocity from 300 to 400+ FPS
Firing DistanceEffective range of 30+ yards
Splatter ImpactGel balls burst and splatter on targets
ConstructionDurable plastic body and parts
Safety SwitchOn/off switch to prevent accidental firing
Fun FactorPromotes creative outdoor battles and games

Testing This Gel Beast in Backyard Battle – My Hands-On Experience

When the package arrived, I couldn’t wait to bust this bad boy out of the box and charge into battle. Initial setup was quick and easy.

I plugged in the charger to juice up the battery, which only took about an hour to fully charge. While that was happening, I used the included funnel to load the hopper up with a few bags of the gel ball ammo.

Once it was locked and loaded, I flipped the power switch and familiarized myself with the trigger and settings. The safety switch helped avoid any unintended friendly fire.

With the battery fully charged and ammo in place, it was time to head outside for some test firing!

Right off the bat, I could tell this was on another level beyond your run-of-the-mill water blaster. I started on semi-auto mode, pulling the trigger to shoot one gel ball at a time.

The ammo flew fast and straight, arching a bit at longer distances. On high FPS, you can really feel the splat impact even at around 30+ yards away.


After getting a feel for it, I cranked the dial over to full auto. Holding down the trigger unleashed a relentless volley of gel ammo hurling at an intense pace.

It can easily empty the entire massive hopper in under a minute on full auto. The electric motorized firing mechanism works flawlessly, shooting constant rapid-fire streams.

I was impressed with how far the ammo carried and the large splatter burst on impact. Definitely takes it up a notch from regular water gun fights!

The full hopper lasted plenty long enough for an extended battle session before needing a quick refill. And swapping batteries only takes a second, so no need to halt the battle.

Overall, the performance lived up to expectations! Next it was time to recruit some friends and family for an all-out gel war…

Battle Scenarios – Where This Blaster Shines

Alright, now for the fun part – what kind of battle scenarios can you orchestrate with the electric gel blaster? Here are some prime options:


All-Out Backyard War

Gather up teams of friends and family members, establish bases, create obstacles using boxes or playsets, and unleash an epic battle royale in the backyard!

The high-capacity electric blasters allow for longer, more intense matchups before anyone needs to stop and refill. Get ready for lots of running, diving, and laughing.

Capture the Flag

A classic outdoor game that’s even more fun with splattering ammo. Use pool noodles or foam swords to “tag” opponents out too. See which team can infiltrate the opponent’s base, grab their flag, and return it to home base fastest.

Target Shooting Competitions

Get some cardboard boxes and cans to set up an impromptu target course. Have contests to see who can blast their targets down fastest or hit targets from farthest away. Get creative with trick shots too!

Base Defense

Build an elaborate base from boxes, pool floats, or playground equipment. One team defends while the other team strategizes to overrun the base. Adjust rules so defenders respawn after a certain time limit.

Get creative with your own battle scenarios! The high capacity ammo and adjustable FPS make larger scale, more elaborate battles possible.

Weighing the Pros and Cons – Is This Blaster Worth It?

Before deciding if the NLFGUW gel blaster deserves a spot in your toy collection, let’s go over some of the key pros and cons I discovered from my testing:


  • It’s easy to load and holds a ton of ammo so you spend less time reloading and more time blasting.
  • The rechargeable battery makes it very convenient. No constant replacement of disposable batteries needed.
  • Electric motorized firing mechanism allows both semi-auto and intense full auto streams of ammo.
  • You can adjust FPS for more or less impact power. Adds variety to battles.
  • Gel balls provide fun splatter effect compared to regular water.
  • Promotes active, imaginative outdoor play and games.


  • The ammo can sting exposed skin at close range on the highest FPS setting. Eye protection recommended.
  • Requires more safety precautions compared to casual water gun battles.
  • It’s not designed for indoor use. Best kept outdoors away from windows etc.
  • Must be careful not to put wet gel balls into the hopper or they can jam.
  • Doesn’t work well in cold weather conditions. Need a clear, warm day.

Final Verdict – Ready, Aim, Soak!

At the end of the day, is the NLFGUW Electric Gel Ball Blaster the ultimate toy for taking your outdoor battles to the next level? I’d enthusiastically say yes!

Here’s why it earns a glowing review from this battle-tested toy blaster fan:

  • It adds exciting new splatter effects and electric rapid-fire shooting mechanics compared to standard water guns. Super fun twist!
  • The generous 60,000+ round ammo capacity means more play time before stopping to refill.
  • Easy to load, charge, and adjust settings. Intuitive even for first-time users.
  • It really encourages creative, active outdoor play and games. Kids will love orchestrating elaborate battles.
  • Adjustable FPS and electric motorized firing opens up more diverse, dynamic battle possibilities.
  • High quality materials seem durable enough for intense consumer use. With proper care and maintenance, it should last.
  • Reasonably priced given all the performance perks and high capacity. Great value!

I’d recommend the gel blaster for ages 12+ with proper adult supervision. Safety precautions like eye protection are a must, especially when cranking the FPS velocity up high. Used responsibly under adult watch, it takes outdoor action and adventure to new heights!

If you’re seeking a blaster that will start a backyard battle revolution, look no further my friend. The NLFGUW model has quality, versatility and sheer firepower that earns it a coveted spot in my toy arsenal. Game on!