Gel blasters have totally changed the game when it comes to intense but safe toy weapon battles. And the UnlocX Gel Ball Blaster Kit is one of the most loaded electric gel blasters out there right now. From its full-auto firing to its long range accuracy, this thing definitely left an impression on me.

As someone who enjoys competing in nerf battles and gel wars, I’m always looking for blasters that give me an edge. The UnlocX seemed like it could potentially provide some serious rapid-fire supremacy. And after taking this detachable beast into the field, it absolutely lived up to the hype.

In this hands-on review, I’ll break down everything you need to know about the UnlocX Gel Ball Blaster. By the end, you’ll see why it’s one of my new go-to blasters for dominating gel wars. Let’s get to it!


Unlocx Gel Blaster

  • Electric fully automatic
  • Up to 11 rounds per second
  • 200+ feet max range
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Overview of the UnlocX Gel Ball Blaster

First off, what exactly is the UnlocX Gel Ball Blaster Kit? Basically, it’s a high-powered electric gel blaster designed for battles rather than just casual play.

This isn’t some rinky-dink spring-loaded toy. The UnlocX boasts a fully automatic motorized firing system that spits out gel balls at a wicked fast 11 rounds per second. You can essentially rain down gel mayhem with the squeeze of a trigger.

And it uses biodegradable, water-based gel balls rather than messy paintballs or plastic pellets. The ammo is reusable if you collect it after battles. Honestly, gel blasters strike the perfect balance between intense fun and safety.

Here are some of the UnlocX’s key features and specs:

  • Fully automatic electric blaster for rapid fire
  • Shoots up to 11 rounds per second
  • Effective range of 200+ feet
  • Holds 300 gel balls in main chamber
  • Uses biodegradable, eco-friendly ammo
  • Detachable design breaks down for storage
  • Tactical picatinny rails for accessories
  • Adjustable shoulder stock and hop-up

So in a nutshell, the UnlocX is an absolute beast of a gel blaster built for performance. And it showed its abilities once I hit the field for some battles.

Firing SystemElectric fully automatic
Rate of FireUp to 11 rounds per second
Firing ModesSemi-auto and full auto
Shooting Distance200+ feet max range
Ammo CapacityHolds 300 gel balls
Ammo TypeBiodegradable, reusable gel balls
AdjustabilityHop-up and shoulder stock
ConstructionDurable ABS plastic body
Power SourceRechargeable battery (included)
Tactical DesignPicatinny rails for accessories
PortabilityDetachable parts, carrying case
Recommended Age14+ years

My Experience With UnlocX Gel Ball Blaster

Let’s talk about how the UnlocX actually performs in battle. Because this blaster definitely brings some serious rapid-fire pain!

As soon as you pull the trigger, the full-auto electric motor unleashes gel mayhem at a prolific rate. We’re talking like 11 rounds per freakin’ second here, which is just nuts. You essentially become a gel ball machine gun.

The great thing is all that speed doesn’t ruin your accuracy. I was still able to hit targets reliably from like 150+ feet out. Dialing in the hop-up let me almost snipe with this rapid-fire monster.

And when enemies try to hide behind cover? Forget about it. I could easily pepper their position and overwhelm them with heavy suppressing fire. The UnlocX is perfect for pinning down foes.

Basically, the raw speed and power of this blaster are game-changing. The full-auto firing transforms you into a walking gel ball turret that controls the entire battlefield. This thing brings a heavy dose of rapid-fire pain!

Performance of the UnlocX Gel Ball Blaster

performance of the unlocx gel ball blaster

The UnlocX definitely has a solid, rugged feel in your hands that inspires confidence. Yet it remains lightweight and comfortable even during heavy rapid-fire action.

The main blaster body is a durable ABS plastic that seems like it can withstand a ton of battle damage. All the internal firing bits are metal for reliability.

And the ergonomics are dialed in nicely. The adjustable shoulder stock provides a tight fit against your shoulder. And the textured grip lets you control bursts accurately.

I also like the picatinny rails since they let you mount accessories to suit your play style. Throw on a scope and grip, and you’ve got one tacticool blaster.

When it’s time to head home, the UnlocX breaks down quickly into a portable carry case thanks to the tool-free detachable design. So you get rugged performance without sacrificing convenience.

Gel Ball Ammo: Reusable, Biodegradable, Awesome

A major appeal of gel blasters is the reusable ammo. The gel balls contain a biodegradable hydrogel, so they won’t ruin your indoor battlefield. And they don’t break apart like crappy darts.

I also dig that you can scoop up spent gel balls after a battle and reuse them. It makes the ammo way more eco-friendly than disposable foam or plastic rounds.

The UnlocX mags hold around 300 gel balls, which is plenty for most battles. You can also attach extra ammo packs for heavy prolonged fire.

So in summary, gel ball ammo brings a great combo of intense fun and safety. The UnlocX takes full advantage of this unique ammo type.

Who Should Grab This Rapid-Fire Beast?

With its advanced full-auto technology and 200+ foot range, the UnlocX leans toward intermediate and advanced users. But it’s still intuitive enough for all experience levels to have fun with.

I’d suggest around age 14+ for the UnlocX. The full-auto power demands some responsibility and maturity for safe operation. And always wear protective eye gear, even with gel ammo. Safety first!

The UnlocX absolutely shreds at organized gel wars thanks to the high ammo capacity, rapid rate of fire, and long range. It’s also fantastic for target practice or battles in the backyard.

And since the gel ammo is biodegradable and reusable, you can use the UnlocX both indoors and out. The ability to quickly detach it for transport makes this blaster super versatile all around.


  • Electric full auto firing unleashes intense rapid spray
  • Impressive 11 rounds per second rate of fire
  • Long 200+ foot maximum range
  • Reusable biodegradable gel ball ammo
  • Detachable design for easy transport


  • High price tag
  • Full auto function may be overkill indoors

The Verdict: An Absolute Rapid-Fire Monster

After taking the UnlocX into battle, I gotta say this blaster lives up to the hype. It utterly dominated matches with its outrageous full-auto firing power.

The 11 rounds-per-second rate of fire is simply exhilarating. Yet the blaster remains controllable and accurate at long range, allowing tactical play. This detachable beast gives you commanding presence on the battlefield.

Factor in the rugged construction, modular design, and biodegradable ammo, and the UnlocX is a force to be reckoned with. It’s hands-down one of the most versatile and capable electric gel blasters available.

Is the UnlocX perfect? No blaster is. The high price tag is an investment. And honestly the rapid-fire power may be overkill for indoor play at times.

But in terms of delivering overwhelming full-auto firing power for total gel warfare domination, the UnlocX can’t be beat. This tactical detachable blaster will rain supreme gel fire downrange!

So if you’re hungry for rapid-fire supremacy on the battlefield, I highly recommend adding the UnlocX beast to your gel blaster arsenal. It will unlock a storm of gel mayhem wherever you bring the heat!