If you’re looking to get into gel blasting, one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself is “which gel blaster has the most power?” You want something that can shoot gel balls at high speeds for maximum distance and impact. As a fellow gel blasting enthusiast, I’ve tested my fair share of blasters to find the models that really pack a punch.

In my experience, there are a few key factors that determine how powerful a gel blaster can be. The feet per second (FPS), the firing mechanism (flywheel vs spring), and the power source are all important. In this article, I’ll go over what to look for in these areas and review some of the hardest-hitting gel blasters on the market right now.

Factors that Determine Gel Blaster Power

When evaluating a new gel blaster, you’ll want to inspect a few technical specs to get an idea of its power potential.


FPS (Feet Per Second)

The feet per second measurement indicates the muzzle velocity of the gel blaster – how fast it can shoot gel balls. Higher FPS means more power to launch the gels further and with greater force.

Most stock gel blasters have FPS in the range of 200 to 350. However, upgraded models can reach 400+ FPS for maximum speed and impact. I’d recommend looking for a blaster with at least 300 FPS if you want something formidable.

You might see some extremely high FPS claims of 500+ online. In my experience, these absurd velocities often sacrifice accuracy and control. Around 400 FPS hits the sweet spot before excessive power becomes impractical.

Flywheel System vs Spring Power

Gel blasters use either electric flywheel systems or spring power to launch gel balls.

Flywheel blasters use battery-powered motors to rapidly spin two wheels that feed and shoot the gels. This gives them a high rate of fire with consistency. Most electric gel blasters fall in the 300-400 FPS range.

Spring blasters are manually cocked to compress a heavy spring that propels each gel ball when fired. These have slower firing rates but can achieve higher FPS due to the strong spring action. Expect 400+ FPS from a high-powered spring gel blaster.

I tend to prefer flywheel systems for their speed and reliability, but spring blasters definitely pack a punch!

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Power Source (Battery)

For electric flywheel gel blasters, the battery powering the motors is key. Voltage and capacity (mAh) determine how fast the wheels spin and how many shots you can fire before recharging.

Higher voltage batteries around 11.1V allow flywheel motors to reach higher RPMs for increased power. But lower voltages like 7.4V are easier on motors and still deliver decent FPS.


Higher mAh indicates longer battery life before needing a recharge. Aim for at least 1100mAh, with 2000+ mAh recommended for heavy use.

Make sure to use only rechargeable batteries designed for high-drain devices like gel blasters. Poor quality batteries can damage motors or fail unexpectedly. Invest in a quality LiPo battery from a reputable manufacturer.

Most Powerful Gel Blaster Models

Now that you know what specs to evaluate, let’s look at some of the hardest-hitting gel blasters available based on my firsthand testing and reviews. Everyone’s needs and budgets differ, so I’ll cover a range of options.

M4A1 Gen 8 – Up to 420 FPS

If you want an absolute beast of a gel blaster, the Gen 8 M4A1 is my top pick. This lightweight, compact electric rifle can hit a blistering 420 FPS when upgraded with an 11.1V LiPo battery.

Out of the box, it shoots a fierce 350 FPS thanks to its 3500 RPM high-torque motors. Stick to the included 7.4V battery for longer motor life. Or optionally upgrade to 11.1V for maximum power – this adds noticeable punch!

An adjustable hop-up lets you fine tune range and accuracy. The nylon fiber build feels sturdy and the Skeletonized stock is surprisingly comfortable.

Overall, the Gen 8 demonstrates engineering at its finest. It’s pricey but delivers unmatched performance for dominating any gel ball battlefield.

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MK18 Mod Gel Blaster – Up to 400 FPS

For spring power that truly brings the pain, the MK18 Mod is a beast. Unlike wimpy stock springers, it’s built to handle an upgraded spring delivering up to 400 FPS.

Cocking takes some muscle, but punches gel balls further than nearly any electric model. The heavy spring load does cause more jams than flywheel blasters. Some fine-tuning and break-in time helps smooth it out.

The MK18 looks and feels solid for a spring gel blaster. Construction quality exceeds cheaper options. The included sights and tactical rails for adding accessories are nice bonuses too.

Overall, this hard-hitter combines raw power with the satisfying hands-on action of a springer. Just brace yourself for the hefty recoil!

Gel Ball SMG – Up to 380 FPS

The Gel Ball SMG lives up to its imposing name with frightening power from its 380 FPS electric drive. This lightweight, compact speed demon also boasts a staggering 10 rounds per second rate of fire!

Unlike its wimpy out-of-box 230 FPS, installing an 11.1V LiPo battery unlocks the SMG’s full potential. It’s almost startling how hard it can shoot in upgraded form.

An adjustable hop-up and sturdy nylon fiber build make this a surprisingly versatile and durable blaster. The collapsible stock accommodates close quarters and longer distance shooting alike.

For blazing fast mid-range power at a friendly price, the Gel Ball SMG hits far above its weight class.

Gel Storm P90 – Up to 350 FPS

With its signature bullpup layout and curved magazine, the Gel Storm P90 is a uniquely designed blaster. Behind its sci-fi looks lies respectable power too, with up to 350 FPS on 11.1V.

The flywheel system feeds remarkably quickly thanks to the bottom mag placement and straight ball path. It spits out gels at an intimidating pace once you master trigger control.

With a bit more tuning, some owners report achieving nearly 400 FPS. Out of the box though, expect solid 350 FPS shots from this unique electric blaster.

The Gel Storm P90 looks and performs unlike anything else. It deserves a spot in any serious gel blaster arsenal.

Balancing Power and Practicality

While these souped-up blasters boast immense power, is maximizing FPS always practical? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Consult your local gel blaster regulations – FPS limits exist in some areas. Excessive speeds may cause legal issues.
  • Too much power can reduce accuracy and control. It’s smart to upgrade in stages and test stability.
  • High FPS leads to greater gel ball breakage. You’ll burn through ammo quicker.
  • Gear up adequately with protective mask and clothing rated for high-impact gels. Safety first!
  • Consider your play style and gaming venues. Close quarters and indoor fields don’t always need 400+ FPS.

Finding your optimal blaster power is a mix of research, experimenting and safety considerations. Don’t blindly chase the highest FPS – balance power with practicality.

Final Thoughts

Testing and reviewing the most powerful gel blasters has been an absolute blast (pun intended)! These high-FPS rigs offer a whole new level of performance for avid players.

My overall advice is to consider your budget, game types and safety gear before choosing a blaster model. While maxed-out FPS sounds tempting, smart upgrades deliver the best experience. I hope these powerful picks have grabbed your attention and get you excited to start launching gel balls at breakneck speeds!

Just remember to invest in high-quality eye protection first. Safety remains rule number one in this fast-paced hobby. Protect yourself and fellow players from harm so everyone can enjoy it for years to come.

Well, that wraps up my guide to the strongest gel blasters available today. Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m always happy to share my experience and help fellow gel ball enthusiasts in their search for the ultimate blaster.

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