Oh no, I’m sorry to hear your Splat R Ball gun isn’t shooting properly! I know how exciting it is to gear up for some splatting action, only to find your blaster won’t fire. It’s such a letdown when your toys don’t work the way they should.

But don’t worry, this has happened to all of us before. With just a few troubleshooting tips, I’m confident we can get your Splat R Ball gun shooting again in no time.

First, let’s make sure the issue isn’t something simple like the ammo or magazine. Have you let the ammo hydrate in water long enough before loading it? The balls need time to absorb moisture and expand for best performance.

Also, inspect your magazine gear to ensure it’s not jammed up, which could prevent ammo from feeding properly. If neither of those are the problem, no worries, there are a couple other easy things we can try.

The key is not to get too frustrated when your toys aren’t cooperating. I know you’re excited to start splatting your friends! With some helpful troubleshooting, you’ll have your Splat R Ball blaster fixed up and ready for action again. Now let’s get cracking so you can get back to play!

Why Isn’t Your Splat R Ball Gun Shooting?


The Water Reservoir is Empty

We’ve all been there – ready to battle but forgot to fill up the tank! Make sure to remove the reservoir cap and fill it with clean water before each use.

I know it’s obvious, but it’s easy to forget this critical step. Replacing the cap tightly before pressurizing is also key. Shaking the gun gently will let you hear and feel if there’s water inside.

If none comes out after refilling, another part is likely the issue. But most of the time, an empty reservoir is why your blaster won’t shoot.

The Air Pressure is Too Low

These gel ball guns need pumped up air to forcefully shoot the ammo. Pump the handle briskly 10-15 times to build enough force.

Keep count of your pumps. If it still won’t fire, give it 5 more pumps and try again. You’ll know it’s pressurized enough when you hear a solid pumping sound.

Any hissing means the o-ring might need replaced. Gotta pump it up each time to get your blaster firing properly!

The Nozzle is Clogged or Blocked

Even with water and air, your gun won’t fire if something’s blocking the nozzle. Dirt, dried water, and gel ball pieces are common cloggers.

Inspect closely with a flashlight if needed. Use a thin wire to gently clear any debris – don’t jam it in too hard! Rinsing just the nozzle can also clear stickiness.

Let it dry fully before attempting to shoot again. With the path cleared, load up and pump as usual. If it still won’t fire right, it’s likely another issue.

The O-Ring is Damaged

This little rubber gasket seals the pressure chamber as you pump it. If it’s cracked or worn out, it can leak air and prevent enough force for firing.

Check your manual on accessing and inspecting the o-ring. Any tears or cracks mean it’s time for a replacement.

Make sure to get the right size and shape o-ring for your model. Installing a new, undamaged o-ring will create that airtight seal so you can pump and fire normally.

The Balls are Jammed

If the gel balls are jammed or loaded wrong, they can block the firing path instead of shooting out. Open the ball holder and check that the ammo is neatly stacked and oriented correctly.

Overfilling can cause jams too. Remove any crushed or stuck balls and reload properly aligned. Consult your manual for the right loading order and amount for your model.

The Battery is Dead

For battery powered blasters, dead batteries could make it appear that the gun is broken when it really just needs fresh juice.

Check the manual on the battery compartment location. Pop in a new matched set of the right size alkaline batteries, making sure the + and – markings align correctly.

Install fresh batteries and the lights and sounds should activate. If it still won’t fire right, it’s likely a mechanical rather than electrical issue.


How do you pump up a Splat R Ball gun?

You pump the handle on the pressure chamber briskly 10-15 times. This compresses air to build firing force. Give it a few more pumps if it still doesn’t shoot right.

Why does my Splat R Ball gun leak?

A damaged o-ring seal can cause air leaks. Inspect the seal for cracks or tears. Replace o-ring if worn out to maintain pressure.

Why are Splat R Ball guns not working?

Guns may not work if reservoir is empty, pressure is low, nozzle is clogged, o-ring is damaged, balls are jammed or batteries are dead. Check each component.

How do you fix a jammed Splat R Ball gun?

Open ball holder, remove stuck balls, reload correctly. Don’t overfill. Adjust or replace damaged balls. Ensure balls are stacked properly.

Can you use a Splat R Ball gun without water?

No, you should not fire it dry. The water hydrates the gel balls to shoot properly. Always fill reservoir before pressurizing and firing.

How far do Splat R Ball guns shoot?

Range varies by model, but most shoot gel balls 20-30 feet when fully pumped and loaded properly with fresh ammunition.

Why does my Splat R Ball gun shoot weak?

A low pressure chamber causes weak firing. Pump the handle vigorously 10+ times to build adequate compressed air for forceful shooting.

Where can I buy Splat R Ball gun replacement parts?

You can order replacement o-rings, nozzles, batteries and other parts directly from the manufacturer’s website or Amazon.


I hope walking through the common issues gets your blaster firing away again. We covered why your Splat R gun may not be shooting and simple fixes like refilling the tank, recharging the pressure, clearing jams, and replacing worn parts.

While a malfunctioning toy can be frustrating, have patience and methodically check each component. With basic troubleshooting, you can often diagnose and repair the problem yourself and avoid an unnecessary trip to the store.

Pro tip: Be sure to maintain your blaster properly between battles. Keeping it filled, pumped, and lubricated will help prevent issues.

With your Splat R Ball gun back in fighting order, it’s time to soak your friends! Just remember – a little TLC and maintenance will help ensure your water blaster stays primed for summer splatting fun. Let me know if you have any other issues getting your toy up and shooting again!

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