About toysqueries.com

Toysqueries.com is your go-to resource for expert toy reviews, buying guides, and all things related to choosing the best toys for kids of all ages.

What inspired the creation of toysqueries.com?

As parents ourselves, we know how overwhelming it can be to pick out safe, high-quality, and engaging toys for children. We started toysqueries.com to take the guesswork out of toy selection by providing well-researched, personalized recommendations to parents.

Editorial Policy

Our goal is to provide readers with unbiased and honest assessments of toys on the market. We carefully playtest and analyze toys firsthand before making recommendations. We look at factors like age-appropriateness, durability, creativity and skill building potential, and overall fun and enjoyment. Our reviews are not influenced by toy brands or companies in any way.

What’s the toysqueries.com content creation process?

Our team of parents and educators come up with article ideas based on toy trends, common pain points for parents, and gaps in toy reviews online. We combine thorough background research with hands-on toy testing. Our writers have experience working with children in classrooms, camps, and at home. Our editorial process ensures all content is well-written, engaging, and tailored for parents’ needs.

Why should parents rely on toysqueries.com’s recommendations?

We take pride in providing thoroughly researched, thoughtful toy recommendations parents can trust. Our site does not accept paid sponsorships or advertisements, so our advice is never swayed by brands or companies. We also adhere to high editorial standards and follow guidelines set by the International Board on Books for Young People. As parents ourselves, our motivation is simply helping other parents make well-informed toy purchases for their kids.

About the author (Steve B. Phillips).


Steve Phillips is a father of two and the founder of toysqueries.com. As an elementary school teacher for over 9 years, Steve has extensive experience working with children and evaluating educational toys. He started toysqueries.com to share his knowledge and make toy shopping easier for fellow parents. In his free time, Steve enjoys reading, hiking, and playing board games with his family. You can reach me out using this contact us page.

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