I’ve always been a hands-on, sensory kind of person. I love fidgeting with squishy things to relax and stimulate my senses. So when a friend first introduced me to Orbeez a few years ago, I was instantly mesmerized by the little squishy beads. They brought out my inner child and unlocked hours of creative playtime.

Of course, being the curious soul I am, I had to know everything about these magical sensory balls. Join me as I recount my journey down the Orbeez rabbit hole and share my favorite discoveries. Get ready for some wet and wild fun!

How did Orbeez originate and who invented them?

While orbeez seem like a brand new toy, they were actually invented back in the early 2000s. A man named Nigel Oxford developed the superabsorbent hydrogel material while working for a company called Maya Group.

At first, Oxford created the polymer product for agricultural purposes. The little beads could help seedlings retain water and nutrients.

But around 2011, the Canadian toy company Spin Master acquired the rights to the unique water absorbing technology. They rebranded the pellets as “Water Babies” before changing the name to Orbeez in 2013.


Once Orbeez hit the mainstream toy market, their popularity exploded in my house. My kids couldn’t get enough of these magic growing water balls! Social media like YouTube and Instagram really fueled the Orbeez craze even further for us.

Today orbeez are a must-have toy for my kids of all ages. Over 175 million are sold globally each year according to my research!

The Different Types of Orbeez and Their Unique Features

One of my favorite things about Orbeez is all the options out there. It’s like a sensory smorgasbord! Here’s a quick rundown:

Type of OrbeezSizeSpecial FeaturesVibe/Additional Notes
Original/Classic Orbeez5mmThe tried and true classicOldies but goodies; still a staple
Big Bunch Orbeez10mmBigger, easier to handlePerfect for little hands
Jumbo Orbeez15mmThe largest size availableMaximum squish factor
Neon OrbeezVariedBright, fluorescent colors80s fever dream vibes
Glow in the DarkVariedAbsorb light to glow in the darkEerie yet mesmerizing glow

With so many varieties, I’ll never get bored! But variety isn’t the only thing that dazzles me about Orbeez…

What Are Orbeez Made Of?

I was wondering, what makes orbeez absorb so much water and grow?

Orbeez are made of superabsorbent polymers, primarily polyacrylamide. This material has an extremely high capacity for absorbing and retaining water based on what I’ve read.

Here’s a look at how it works:

The polymers have long, chain-like molecular structures. When submerged in water, the chains unfold and expand, allowing hydrogen bonds to form between water molecules and the polymer chains.

This allows each tiny orbeez ball to absorb and hold hundreds of times its weight in water. Going from pellet to squishy ball before my eyes!

Orbeez come in a huge variety of bright, vibrant colors. The color is added using FDA-approved dyes that bond safely to the polymer material.

Are Orbeez Toxic?

When used properly, orbeez are a safe, non-toxic toy in my experience. However, it is important for me to take some basic safety precautions.

The polymer material itself is non-toxic if ingested according to manufacturers. However, the dyes can cause stomach upset if a large amount is swallowed. I supervise young kids closely during play as a precaution.


Additionally, the moist environment inside orbeez can promote bacterial growth from what I’ve heard. I’m sure to discard orbeez after one use. I do not reuse old orbeez.

I always wash hands thoroughly after playing with orbeez. I also follow the manufacturer’s age guidelines and safety instructions.

With adult supervision, orbeez pose minimal risks for my kids and can be an incredibly fun, stimulating activity!

Fun and Creative Ways to Play with Orbeez

Now that I know what orbeez are made of, let’s talk about the fun stuff – playing with them! There are so many cool, creative ways to use orbeez.

Orbeez Spa Sensory Play

One of the most popular orbeez activities is creating an orbeez spa or sensory bin. I like to fill a small pool or plastic tub with water and add tons of orbeez. Then I let my kids immerse their hands and feet in for a soothing, squishy sensory experience.

I can take the orbeez spa up a notch by adding toys like mermaids or pirates. My kids can stir up “storms” and let their toys “swim” in the balls. Adding a bit of glitter or glow in the dark orbeez amplifies the magic!

Stress Relief

The act of squeezing and smushing orbeez is incredibly soothing and satisfying for me. Using orbeez as stress balls can help relieve my anxiety and tension.

I like to fill a clear plastic bottle or bag with orbeez and water, adding some glitter for extra sensory appeal. Squeezing away helps me de-stress anytime I need some calming relief!

How Do Orbeez Work? The Science Behind Orbeez

While playing with Orbeez is all fun and games for me, I’m fascinated by the science behind how these little beads work their magic.

Orbeez are made of a cross-linked polyacrylamide copolymer. I know, that’s a mouthful. Essentially this means a tight network of acrylamide molecules all linked together.

Sprinkled throughout this polymer network are countless tiny holes. When you submerge Orbeez in water, the liquid slips through the holes and attaches itself to the polymer chains.

This causes the chains to unfurl and straighten out to their maximum length. Like uncoiling a phone chord. The pores let water in, but the dense polymer web traps it inside.

The result? Massive swollen squishy spheres ready for sensory stimulation! Pretty neat right?

Orbeez Absorption Rate

To demonstrate how quickly orbeez expand when soaked in water, I conducted an absorption rate experiment.

Time in WaterSize of Orbeez
0 min1 mm pellet
5 min5 mm
15 min15 mm
30 min25 mm
1 hour35 mm
3 hours45 mm
6 hours50 mm
12 hours52 mm
24 hours55 mm

Sensory Playtime! How I Like To Use Orbeez

Now for the fun part – what in the world can you do with these vibrant little balls of joy? Let me count just some of the ways I’ve played with Orbeez:

  • Soothing Orbeez Baths – I make scented, colorful “bath bombs” by mixing in oils, glycerin, or glitter. Pure sensory bliss.
  • Orbeez Spa Days – With some Orbeez, warm water, and maybe a bath bomb, I’ve created my own DIY spas. I light some candles, put on relaxing music, and let the stress melt away.
  • Orbeez Pools – Fill up containers of all sizes, kiddie pools, even the bathtub with Orbeez and water for hours of tactile fun.
  • Freaky Science Experiments – I’ve frozen, microwaved, and mixed Orbeez with other liquids like vinegar to see some funky reactions. Definitely entertain my inner mad scientist!

As you can see, I’ve discovered endless ways to stimulate both my creativity and senses with these addictively squishy beads. But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine…

The Potential Downsides of Orbeez


While I adore my Orbeez, I’m a responsible consumer. I want to know about any potential risks or downsides before exposing myself or others. Here’s what I learned:

  • Orbeez can breed bacteria or mold if left sitting in water too long. I make sure to promptly drain and dispose of them after use.
  • There are trace amounts of regulated chemicals like acrylamide in the beads. But well below concerning levels from my research.
  • The big one – they’re non-biodegradable. If allowed to enter lakes or rivers, they could harm marine life. Proper disposal is a must.

With some common sense precautions, none of these are super concerning. But good to be aware of, especially if using Orbeez with kiddos.

Do Orbeez have any alternative or practical uses besides being toys?

While I continue to enjoy classic Orbeez, I’m always looking to reduce my environmental impact. Some greener alternatives I’ve come to love:

  • Water beads – Made of plant-based cellulose, these biodegradable versions provide the same sensory joy. A pricier but eco-friendly option.
  • Gel beads – For those sensitive to odors, unscented gel beads are a lower odor pick. Plus they can be infused with essential oils!
  • Natural materials – Sponges, cotton balls, or pom poms soaked in water mimic the textural magic of Orbeez.

Orbeez Science Experiments

Orbeez offer cool opportunities for STEM learning through fun science experiments:

Absorption rate

I wonder how long it takes orbeez to reach full size in water. We compare sizes over time.


I add orbeez to water a spoonful at a time until fully saturated. We observe the absorption together.

Polymer comparison

I soak orbeez alongside other polymers like jelly beads. We compare absorption rates.

Color mixing

I layer orbeez of different colors and we observe the blending.

Exploring polymer science with orbeez makes learning interactive and engaging for my kids!

Orbeez Art

I like to get creative by using orbeez to make beautiful works of art with my kids!

  • We make orbeez paint by mixing orbeez with acrylic paint or food coloring. We use squeeze bottles to “paint”.
  • We explore color mixing by layering different colored orbeez in jars.
  • We create orbeez sculptures by molding orbeez together while wet. Allowing them to dry and solidify.

The possibilities are endless when we use orbeez as an art medium!

More Fun Ideas!

  • I help my kids make edible orbeez using agar powder and food coloring.
  • I add orbeez to our sensory bin along with items like kinetic sand, beads, and pom poms.
  • We hunt for hidden orbeez – I hide them around the yard or a sensory bin for surprise discoveries.
  • We make DIY bath bombs – layering dry orbeez with baking soda and citric acid powder, then forming into balls.

However we choose to play, orbeez unleash hours of creative, stimulating fun for my kids!

How Long Do Orbeez Last?

A common question I have is how long orbeez can be reused.

If stored properly in an airtight container, dry orbeez can last for several years in my experience. Rehydrating them causes the balls to become sticky and eventually lose absorbency though.

For best results, I discard orbeez after one or two uses. They may eventually appear shriveled and not grow as large.

Storing unused, dry orbeez in an air-tight plastic bag or jar extends their life span significantly for me. I keep them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Tip: I add a few grains of rice to the storage container to absorb excess moisture and prevent mold growth.

Where To Buy Orbeez?

Thanks to their surge in popularity, I can now find orbeez just about anywhere toys are sold. Here are some of the best places I like to buy them:

  • Amazon: Huge selection of orbeez sets with Prime shipping. Easy for me to buy in bulk.
  • Target: I find orbeez in the toy department or dollar spot for small packs.
  • Walmart: Low prices on name brand orbeez and off-brand alternatives.
  • Learning Express: Specialty toy store with interactive orbeez kits.
  • Oriental Trading: Fun orbeez toys perfect for parties and goodie bags.

I can also find discounts on orbeez at craft stores like Michaels, party supply stores, and even some grocery stores. I shop sales and deals around the holidays for the best pricing.

I consider buying orbeez in multi-packs to get the most for my money. And I don’t forget accessories like plastic bins, tools, and reusable containers.

Fun Facts About Orbeez!

Now that I’m an orbeez expert, here are some fun facts about these crazy cool water balls:

  • Orbeez can grow to over 100 times their original pellet size when soaked in water, which amazes me.
  • Over 175 million orbeez are sold worldwide each year. No wonder they’re so popular!
  • The most common orbeez color is blue, followed by pink and purple in my experience.
  • Orbeez feel like caviar in their dry, pellet form to me.
  • Soaking orbeez in hot water makes them expand faster than cold water, I’ve learned.
  • Orbeez are also called water beads, hydrogels, aquabeads, and jelly beads from what I’ve seen.
  • Some people use orbeez in vases instead of flower arrangements, so creative!

I let my kids’ imaginations run wild with these absorbing sensory balls. With proper supervision, orbeez offer hours of squishy, stress-busting fun for us. I just be sure to contain the experience and avoid making a huge mess!

So what am I waiting for? I’m going to go grab some orbeez and let the creativity flow! My kids will love watching the tiny pellets transform before their eyes.

Can You DIY Your Own Orbeez Games at Home?

Oh, you betcha! Who says you need to wait for the latest Orbeez set to hit the stores when you can put on your creative hat and invent some rad games yourself? It’s like building a sandcastle, but without the sand and buckets.

Grab some Original Orbeez, and let the fun begin. Ever played miniature bowling with Orbeez as pins? Well, now’s your chance! Or how about Orbeez Tic-Tac-Toe? It’s literally oodles of fun; it’s like Tic-Tac-Toe on steroids, basically.

And let’s not forget the legendary “Orbeez Spoon Race.” Just balance an Orbeez on a spoon and off you go! You can even involve a bit of learning, like counting and color recognition, for the kiddos.

How Do You Dispose of Orbeez Responsibly?

Ah, the age-old question of “what goes up must come down,” or in the Orbeez world: “What expands must eventually get tossed.” Disposing of Orbeez responsibly is crucial. These water-filled wonders are non-toxic but you can’t just throw them down the drain or into your garden like yesterday’s news.

Nope, they won’t biodegrade anytime soon, and you really don’t want to clog your pipes or create an accidental Orbeez swamp in your backyard. The smart thing to do? Let ’em dry out. Once they’re back to their original size, you can toss them in the trash or donate them for reuse. Some people even crush the dried Orbeez into a powder and use it as plant food. Who knew?

Are Orbeez Safe for Children and Pets?

Now, I can feel the concern seeping through your screens like maple syrup on a pancake stack. The short answer: Orbeez are generally safe for children but should be kept away from pets and babies who can’t resist the “chew and swallow” approach.

Kids usually get the memo that Orbeez are for playing, not for snack time. They’re non-toxic, though ingesting a lot might lead to a very, um, “interesting” chat with your healthcare provider. Pets, however, might think Orbeez are a colorful new kibble variety. If you’ve got fur babies, keep those squishy orbs out of their reach.

My Final Take on the Orbeez Experience

At the end of the day, I positively love these little balls of squishy bliss. They invoke my inner child and provide endless sensory stimulation and creativity. I haven’t stopped playing with them for years!

Orbeez do come with some safety considerations to keep in mind. Nothing that ruins the fun with proper precautions. But still important to be aware of, especially when using them with kids.

For me, the positives far outweigh any potential negatives. I don’t see myself parting with my precious Orbeez bead collection any time soon. I’d highly recommend them for anyone looking to unlock some playful creativity and inner peace.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a new glow-in-the-dark Orbeez shipment calling my name! Time to get creative and stimulate my senses. Let the Orbeez sensory adventure continue…

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