As a dad of two young kids, I’m always looking for fun new activities and sensory experiences for them. 

Recently, I came across Orbeez – those super cool little squishy gel balls that grow to 100x their size when soaked in water. I just knew my kids would love playing with these!

So I decided to set up an Orbeez foot spa for some sensory stimulating fun. The great thing about Orbeez is they are totally safe and non-toxic, so I didn’t have to worry about any messes.

Though I did make sure to supervise closely anyway – you just never know with curious little ones!

What Are Orbeez Foot Spa?

Orbeez are these tiny little super absorbent polymer balls that grow to 50-100 times their original size when placed in water. Basically imagine tiny beads that transform into squishy, colorful marble-sized balls that kids can squish and play with!

An Orbeez foot spa is when you fill up a small tub or basin with water and Orbeez to create a fun DIY sensory experience for kids. Once the Orbeez absorb the water, it creates a cool squishy surface that kids can soak their feet in and play with.

Orbeez Foot Spa Reviews


Orbeez – Ultimate Soothing Spa, Foot Spa

  • Ideal present for the youth.
  • Totally harmless and chemical-free.
  • Offers an amazing touch and feel experience.
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  • Includes 2,000 Orbeez seeds for a bubbly foot bath
  • Comes with nail polish and toe separators for DIY pedicures
  • Suitable for kids ages 5+ for family bonding


  • Batteries not included (minor inconvenience)

So when I saw the Orbeez Soothing Spa, I knew it would be perfect!

I’ll admit, when I opened the box I was amazed by the sheer number of those little Orbeez beads – 2,000! Pouring them into the tub and adding water created the most blissful foot bath. Those beads enveloped my sore feet like a gentle hug.

The heating pad kept the water nice and warm too. Between the heat and the soothing cascade of Orbeez, every ounce of tension melted away. This mama was in heaven!

I was thrilled they included an extra tube of 400 grown Orbeez. Popping those in took my soak to the next level. My feet loved the extra squishy love!

My kids had fun with the nail polish and toe separators too. They gave each other adorable little pedicures. The polish colors were very vibrant and playful.

I do wish batteries were included, but that was an easy fix. A 3-pack of AAs is nothing when I get this little oasis of relaxation. No cords or setup either – just pure foot-pampering bliss!

For any busy moms seeking a sanctuary from the chaos, treat yourself to the Orbeez Spa. Your feet work hard and deserve a little TLC! This set brings the spa to you.


Kids Spa Kit for Girls

  • Perfect gift for young people.
  • Completely safe to use and non-toxic.
  • Brings about a wonderful sensory experience.
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  • Foot spa kit
  • Inflatable tub for easy storage
  • Variety of nail polish and stickers


  • More nail stickers would be nice

Now here is the second foot spa kit that transformed my house into a full-blown kids spa paradise! As soon as we opened it up, my daughter’s eyes went wide with excitement. This set has it all.

First up – the foot spa kit. It came with these wild water beads that felt so cool and squishy on our feet! We had an absolute blast giving each other pedicures on the back patio.

But it gets even better. This set came with an inflatable foot tub that we could blow up and deflate whenever we wanted. No more giant plastic basins taking up space! This tub was so cushy and comfy too. The included toe separators gave us the perfect little piggies.

Now let’s talk nails. This kit came stacked with the prettiest nail polish colors and fabulous nail stickers. My daughter went to town designing little masterpieces on each fingernail. There was enough variety to keep her imagination going for hours!

I have to say, this is the ultimate kit for a kids spa party. We invited all the neighbor girls over and they were squealing with joy! Sleepover spa nights are now our favorite family tradition.

Honestly, I can’t recommend this set enough. It’s the perfect gift to make your little princess feel pampered and special. Though I will say, a few more nail sticker options would take it over the top! But all in all, two thumbs up from this happy mama!


Girlz Squad Foot Spa

  • Perfect gift for young people.
  • Completely safe to use and non-toxic.
  • Brings about a wonderful sensory experience.
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  • Comes with everything needed for at-home spa days
  • Unleashes kids’ creativity with nail art accessories
  • Made from safe BPA-free materials


  • Could include more nail art options (but still has great variety)

As soon as I opened the box I knew me and my daughter were in for a real treat. This kit has everything you need for a salon-quality spa day right at home.

I’m talking scented bubble bath, squishy slippers, nail polish in the prettiest colors – the whole shebang! My little one was jumping up and down when she saw all the goodies inside. And let me tell ya, when we popped in those batteries and the music started bubbling, she shrieked with joy!

Let me just say, this set does way more than make your feet soft and smooth. It seriously unleashes your kid’s creativity and imagination. The press-on nails, nail art stickers, stencils – they let my daughter design the most amazing manicures. She felt like a real nail artist!

As a parent, I also love that this kit is made with safe BPA-free materials. No worries about chemicals or cords – just good, clean fun. My daughter is already asking all her friends over for spa days in our backyard.

Really, this set is perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any ol’ day. I can’t get enough of the memories it’s helping us make together. So if you’ve got a glam girl who loves being pampered, do yourself a favor and grab this foot spa set. Your bond will be tighter than those face masks!

My Experience: Gathering My Orbeez Foot Spa Supplies

To start, I headed online and ordered a big bag of Orbeez in a variety of bright, fun colors. I chose the larger 5mm size rather than the tiny 2mm ones, just because I thought they would feel more soothing on little feet.

Then I hunted around our house for the perfect foot spa tub to use. I decided a large plastic storage container would work perfectly. Shallow enough for little legs but big enough to hold a good amount of water and Orbeez.

Finally, I made sure we had some towels on hand for drying off feet afterwards. Oh, and I put the camera on standby to capture all the fun reactions!

Recommended Supplies for an Orbeez Foot Spa

To set up a fun DIY Orbeez foot spa for kids, you’ll want to have these supplies on hand:

Tub/BucketPlastic bin, storage container, or mini pool large enough to fit feet
Orbeez5,000+ expands to fill tub. Multiple colors for sensory play
WaterEnough to cover feet and allow splashing play
TowelsFor drying off feet after soaking
Pedicure suppliesKid-safe nail polish, lotion, pumice stone etc. for pampering
Essential oilsA few drops of lavender, eucalyptus etc. adds aroma therapy

Preparing the Magical Orbeez Experience

Once my supplies arrived, it was time for the fun to begin! I brought the large tub into our living room along with the bag of dehydrated Orbeez.

First, I had my kids measure and pour water into the tub. They loved helping with this part! Once it was about half full, I let them open the bag and dump the Orbeez in.

Of course, we had to stop for a quick play and squish session with the tiny little balls first. But then it was time for the magic to happen!

As soon as the Orbeez hit the water, they started rapidly absorbing it, growing bigger and bigger by the second. My kids’ eyes went wide with awe, watching them transform. It was amazing!

Within minutes, they had expanded to the size of marbles and filled the entire tub. Now the real fun could start!

Sensory Bliss with Squishy Orbeez

The excitement on my kids’ faces when they dipped their feet into the tub of giant squishy Orbeez was priceless! They spent a good hour just smooshing their toes through the balls, giggling away.

I even jumped in to join the fun – I have to admit, it did feel really soothing on the feet as the Orbeez molded around and massaged my soles. And the bright colors were just so cheerful and lively.

  • Trying to grab Orbeez with our toes and pick them up
  • Seeing how high we could splash the Orbeez up in the air
  • Taking turns squishing the balls between our feet
  • Giving each other Orbeez foot massages

The contagious laughter and joy coming from my kids during our Orbeez foot spa experience were truly priceless. As a parent, it filled my heart with happiness to see them having so much fun and enjoying the unique sensory sensations.

Cleaning Up Our Squishy Mess

Eventually, even the endless entertainment of the Orbeez had to come to an end. Time for this dad to switch gears into responsible parent mode for cleanup!

First, we gently lifted our feet out of the tub and dried them off with towels. The Orbeez clung to our feet at first, not wanting to let go!

Next came the sad but necessary task of scooping the expanded Orbeez out of the tub and putting them into a storage bin. I promised my kids we could reuse them again soon for more water play fun.

Then I simply drained the excess water out of the tub and gave it a quick rinse and wipe down. All clean for next time!

We collected every last Orbeez – I learned they could clog drains if poured down in mass quantity. Into the bin they went to patiently await our next Orbeez adventure.

Orbeez Foot Spa Instructions

In case you couldn’t tell, that Orbeez foot spa session was a huge hit with my kids! The pure enjoyment and sensory stimulation on their faces made the whole thing so worth it.

We’ll definitely be doing this activity again and again in the future:

  • Adding food coloring or glitter to the water
  • Mixing warm and cool water temperatures
  • Getting bigger tubs for more Orbeez space

Heck, I may even set up an Orbeez spa day and invite my kids’ friends over to join the experience!

All in all, I would 100% recommend an Orbeez foot tub as a fun sensory activity for kids. It provides unique tactile stimulation they won’t get anywhere else. And they’ll have an absolute blast in the process – kids of all ages love these squishy little balls!

How To Handle Orbeez Foot Spa troubleshooting Issues?

Of course, no kids’ activity goes off without a hitch every single time. We did run into a couple minor issues during our Orbeez foot spa escapades.

But thankfully, they were easy fixes and we got the tub back up and running for more funs:

Issue: Orbeez Not Expanding

If you notice your Orbeez are taking a long time to expand after hitting the water, there are a couple possible reasons:

  • Not enough water – Orbeez need to absorb a lot of water to reach full size. Make sure your tub is filled enough.
  • Old Orbeez – Over time, Orbeez can lose their water absorption ability. Try a fresh new bag.
  • Water temperature – Warmer water helps Orbeez expand faster. Add some hot water to speed it up.
  • Soaking time – Just give them some time! It can take up to a few hours for Orbeez to reach full expansion size.

Issue: Water Leaking from Tub

You don’t want water all over the floors during Orbeez play! To prevent leaking issues:

  • Inspect your tub for any cracks or holes. Choose a solid, leak-proof tub before starting.
  • Reinforce with duct tape if you find any problem areas or weak seams.
  • Place a waterproof mat or towels under and around the tub just in case.
  • Test for leaks before the big day by filling with plain water first.

Issue: Skin Irritation

The Orbeez and water can leave behind residue, causing temporary irritation for some sensitive skin types. To help avoid this:

  • Rinse feet thoroughly with clean water after soaking.
  • Use a gentle, sensitive skin soap if needed.
  • Pat dry feet carefully rather than rubbing.
  • If irritation persists, discontinue use and call your doctor. May be an allergic reaction.

In Summary:

Setting up an Orbeez foot spa was so easy, affordable, and entertaining for my kids and their friends. Those mesmerizing little balls of rainbow-colored squish can provide hours of giggles and awe.

Just be sure to prep the tub and supplies properly, supervise closely, and have cleanup plans in place afterwards. Tackling any troubleshooting bumps along the way is no biggie.

With some common sense safety precautions, you can rest easy while your kids soak their senses in the bliss of Orbeez! Let their laughter and joy bubble up as those itty bitty balls become giant squishy marvels right before their eyes.

For real guys, get on the Orbeez bandwagon – your kids will have an absolute blast. This is one sensory activity you don’t want to miss out on!


What does an Orbeez foot spa do?

An Orbeez foot spa provides a unique sensory experience for kids. The tiny Orbeez beads expand into squishy, colorful balls when placed in water, creating a soothing surface for kids to soak their feet in and play.

Can you use an Orbeez spa without Orbeez?

No, Orbeez are essential for the foot spa experience. Without Orbeez, it would just be a regular foot bath. The Orbeez provide sensory stimulation as they squish between toes and massage feet.

Does the Orbeez foot spa need water?

Yes, water is required for the Orbeez to expand in size. The beads need to absorb a lot of water to reach their full squishy, marble-sized shape. Without water, they would remain tiny.

How long do Orbeez last in water?

Orbeez can generally last for several hours in water before starting to shrink back down. Eventually they will return to their original dried size after a day or so.

Can you reuse Orbeez after the foot spa?

Yes, you can use Orbeez more than once! Just get rid of the water and keep them in a sealed container for future foot soaks. When you’re ready to use them again, just add water and they’ll puff right back up.