Orbeez have become a hugely popular tool for at-home foot pampering. Those little super absorbent polymer balls truly take foot soaks to the next level! But many wonder – can you use Orbeez in a normal foot spa, or do you need a special device?

Of course yes, absolutely! Orbeez works great in any standard foot tub. With just a few easy tips, you can turn your regular old foot spa into an Orbeez-filled oasis.

So read on for the full scoop on transforming those Orbeez from dry tiny pearls to soothing foot spa magic. We’ll cover everything from start to finish, including:

Let’s take a closer look at quick overview:

So, Can You Put Orbeez In A Regular Foot Spa?

  • Yes, you can use Orbeez in a regular foot spa. Opt for a tub with at least 4-inch deep sides for the best experience.
  • Prepare the tub with warm water halfway, then slowly add the dry Orbeez.
  • Let the Orbeez sit for 5-10 minutes to fully absorb water and expand.
  • Orbeez are reusable; clean and store them properly for future use.
  • There are potential risks like drain clogs, motor damage, and bacterial growth when using Orbeez in a standard foot spa.
  • Purpose-built Orbeez spas are available and come with safety features, though they are more expensive.

How Do Orbeez Foot Spas Work?

First, let’s quickly cover what exactly Orbeez are and how they create such a unique foot spa experience.

Orbeez are these tiny little gel balls made of super absorbent polymers. When dry, they look like small beads or pearls. But once you add water, they absorb it and expand into squishy, colorful balls.


It’s like magic to see them transform from tiny dry beads to sizable squishy spheres! They can absorb up to 300 times their original weight in H2O. Pretty wild right?

Now in a foot spa, these expanded Orbeez create a cushiony, massage-like sensation for your feet. As you soak your toes, those little jelly balls roll around and provide soft, kneading pressure.

It’s like getting a foot massage from a bed of smooth pebbles. The Orbeez conform to every curve of your feet and melt away tension. No wonder people are nuts for these things!

Many folks actually prefer Orbeez foot soaks over plain water. The sensation is more dynamic and soothing. Regular water soaks just can’t compare to the experience of massaging gel beads!

How to Set Up an Orbeez Foot Spa?

To recap the full Orbeez foot spa setup process:

  • Select a tub with at least 4 inch high sides – gives Orbeez space to work
  • Fill tub halfway with warm water – prevents temperature shock
  • Slowly sprinkle dry Orbeez across water surface – allows gradual expansion
  • Give beads 5-10 minutes to fully absorb and expand – transforms them into squishy balls
  • Add feet and enjoy massage-like sensation! – bliss for sore toes

With just a few simple steps, your traditional foot spa becomes a soothing Orbeez paradise!

Tips for Using Orbeez in a Normal Foot Tub

Now that you know why Orbeez foot soaks feel so darn amazing, let’s get into the good stuff – how to make it happen!

Luckily, transforming your run-of-the-mill foot tub into an Orbeez oasis is simple. There are just a few pointers to get the most bliss out of those blobs.

Pick a Foot Spa with Deep Sides

First things first – the foot spa itself. When picking a tub for your Orbeez, go for one with at least 4 inch deep sides.

Shallow tubs won’t give your Orbeez enough space to work their massage magic. And nobody wants sad, smashed Orbeez!

Deep-sided tubs give those beads room to move around and envelope your feet. It also prevents them from overflowing onto the floor mid-soak. No Orbeez casualties on our watch!

Fill Tub with Warm Water First

Once you’ve got a nice deep tub, it’s time to prep it for those Orbeez.

Start by filling the foot spa with warm – not hot! – water. The water shouldn’t be scalding by any means. Just nice and toasty.

This preheats the tub and prevents a cold shock when you dunk your tootsies in. We want a relaxing experience, after all.

Make sure to fill the tub about halfway before pouring in your dry Orbeez. This gives them enough H2O to fully absorb and expand.

Slowly Pour in Dry Orbeez

Now for the fun part – time to add the dry Orbeez!

First, give your bag of Orbeez a good shake or massage to separate any clumps. This helps them absorb water evenly.

Slowly pour the dry beads into the warm foot bath. Carefully sprinkle them across the surface of the water.

Resist the urge to dump them all in at once! Gradually adding the Orbeez gives them time to expand to full size.

You’ll see them start to swell and change texture immediately upon contact with the water. So trippy and cool!

Give Them Time to Absorb and Expand

After sprinkling in all your dry Orbeez, let them chill for 5-10 minutes. This gives them sufficient time to fully absorb that H2O and inflate.

You’ll see them transform before your eyes from tiny beads to sizable bouncy balls. It’s like the coolest science experiment inside your foot tub!

Once the Orbeez have completed their expansion journey, they’re ready for feet!

Toss in Feet and Enjoy!

Now just slip your fresh feet into that tub and let the pampering begin!

Sit back and enjoy the sublime feeling of hundreds of soft, squishy Orbeez nuzzling your toes. Roll your feet around and massage those balls between your toes.

You can even gently rub the Orbeez directly onto sore spots for focused relief. It’s like a tiny foot massage army in your tub!

When the water starts cooling, just drain some out and add fresh hot H2O to reheat. Then lean back and soak in the sensation of your own personal Orbeez foot spa. Ahh…that’s the stuff!

See? Transforming your standard foot tub into a soak-tastic Orbeez oasis is super easy!

How to Clean and Store Your Reusable Orbeez?

One of the coolest things about Orbeez is that they’re totally reusable over and over again!

But to keep them in top foot-pampering form, you’ve got to clean and store them properly between uses.

Here are some tips for Orbeez upkeep:

🌟 Orbeez Upkeep Steps 🌟🌈 Why It’s Important πŸŒˆπŸŽ‰ Pro Tips πŸŽ‰
Rinse ThoroughlyPrevents bacteria buildupUse a fine-mesh strainer to make rinsing easy and efficient.
Dry CompletelyAvoids moldSpread Orbeez on a towel in a well-ventilated area for quick drying.
Store in Sealed ContainerStops reabsorbing moistureUse an airtight plastic bin with a secure lid to keep Orbeez fresh.
Freshen with Baking SodaAbsorbs odorsA sprinkle of baking

Follow these steps for clean, fresh Orbeez every time!

Purpose-Built Orbeez Spas – Are They Any Safer?


Given the popularity of DIY Orbeez foot soaks, some companies have started manufacturing foot spas specifically designed for use with Orbeez:

  • Protective grate over motor: Prevents Orbeez from clogging up the motor or pumps.
  • Specialized filtration: Built-in filter systems help sanitize and recirculate the beads.
  • Containment system: These spas have a barrier to keep the Orbeez in the designated foot bath area.
  • Designed for sensors play: Allows for vigorous sensory play with minimal mess or choking hazards.
  • Convenient cleanup: Components can be removed and emptied easily after use.
  • Fun experience: Offers a lively, visually pleasing spa experience kids love.
  • More expensive: Expect to pay $75-$200 for a purpose-built Orbeez foot spa.

These unique foot spas provide a safer option tailored specifically for use with Orbeez. But even with protective features, parents should still supervise children closely. And as with any electrical product, there are no guarantees – malfunctions can happen.

For the heftier price, you may just prefer the real deal – going to a professional spa for a genuine foot massage and pedicure. But an Orbeez foot spa can be a fun occasional sensory experience for kids with proper adult guidance.

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