Hey, guess what’s making waves in the family fun department? Yep, Orbeez guns! They’re a blast, literally. These aren’t your usual toy blasters, folks. These babies use water beads. It’s a whole new level of summer shootouts and target games. Trust me, everyone’s loving it – from kids to adults. It’s all about those squishy beads and belly laughs.

Now, you’re probably wondering, what’s the deal with Orbeez guns? Good question! So, I did some digging. Turns out, these things have a neat history. How they work? It’s all about mechanics and water magic. And using them is a piece of cake. So stick around if you’re keen on diving into this splashy fun!

What Are Orbeez Guns?

Orbeez guns are toy water guns that shoot small, soft gel balls called Orbeez. The Orbeez absorb water and expand in size. When shot from the toy guns, they can sting slightly but the pain fades quickly. Overall, Orbeez guns are considered a safe and fun outdoor toy for kids.

A Brief History of Orbeez Guns

The story of Orbeez guns begins with the invention of Orbeez themselves. Orbeez are small, brightly colored polymer beads that grow to hundreds of times their original size when soaked in water. They were originally marketed as a bath product called Magic Growing Orbs bySpin Master toys in 2011.

Children and adults alike were fascinated by the hydrogel beads and their gelatinous, squishy texture. It didn’t take long for Orbeez to become a popular sensory material for playing, crafting, and more. By 2013, toy makers recognized the potential for developing guns designed to shoot these unique water beads.

The first Orbeez blasters hit the market that year and quickly became a huge hit. Their ability to rapid fire a barrage of soft, non-painful and non-damaging Orbeez made them an ideal outdoor toy. The beads dry out after use, allowing them to be collected and reused over and over again.

Over the years, Orbeez guns have continued to grow in popularity and variety. From small pistol-style blasters to full-auto machine guns, there are now more styles and sizes available than ever before. They remain a staple summertime toy for children and adults seeking some soaking, splattering fun in the sun.

How Do Orbeez Guns Work?

The working mechanism of Orbeez blasters is actually quite simple. Most feature a spring-loaded firing system similar to a Nerf gun or water gun. Here are the basic steps:

  • Orbeez are loaded into a reservoir or hopper that attaches to the gun’s barrel.
  • When the trigger is pulled, it releases a spring that pushes a plunger forward.
  • The plunger shoves the Orbeez into the gun’s barrel under pressure.
  • The Orbeez blast out of the front of the barrel with tremendous force.
  • Rinse and repeat for endless water bead mayhem!

The spring provides the power to shoot Orbeez up to 60 feet! Larger rifle-style guns have greater shooting power and distance. The firing mechanism is similar to spring-piston air guns.

Some Orbeez guns feature battery-powered automatic firing for rapid repeat blasting. The motor automatically cycles the spring mechanism, allowing a constant stream of Orbeez to be discharged when the trigger is held down.

No matter what the firing style, the result is a rapid barrage of bright squishy Orbeez pinging off targets, bodies, and anything else in their path!

Types of Orbeez Blaster Toys

Orbeez blasters come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different ages and preferences:

Pistol-Style Blasters

These smaller palm-sized guns offer single shot shooting in a compact form. Great for younger kids or those who want greater aiming control. Popular picks are the X-Shot Orbeez and Zuru X-Shot Orbeez Soaker.

Rifle-Style Guns

With their longer barrels, rifle-style blasters provide more power and distance. The pump or bolt-action allows rapid repeat firing. Top choices include the Zuru X-Shot Vigilante and Buzz Bee Orbeez Blitz.

Fully Automatic Machine Guns

For maximum Orbeez mayhem, nothing beats a motorized fully-auto beast! The battery-powered Zuru Automatic Orbeez Blaster can shoot over 20 water beads per second on full auto.


These unique Orbeez guns have a fanning nozzle that spreads the Orbeez out like a shotgun blast. Up close, they deliver a widerarea soaking spread. The Marvel Avengers Orbeez Blaster and Zuru Orbeez Freak Fighter offer shotgun-style firing.

Water Orbeez Combos

Some advanced blasters combine water and Orbeez for extra soaking power. The Zoomer ZUP Blastzooka shoots water or Orbeez individually or together. The Oonies BlasterX soaks ’em up!

No matter which design you choose, Orbeez guns promise refreshing, squishy summer fun!

How to Use Orbeez Blasters Safely?

Here are some tips for enjoying Orbeez blasters safely and responsibly:

  • Always wear protective eye wear as Orbeez can cause eye injuries if shot directly into eyes.
  • Avoid shooting at faces or from a close distance.
  • Use caution around pets as Orbeez may startle them if unknown.
  • Refrain from using Orbeez guns around sensitive areas like beehives, nests, ponds, etc.
  • Only use Orbeez ammo designed for blaster use, not craft beads or other materials.
  • Pick up spent Orbeez following use to avoid littering the ground with plastic.
  • Store guns safely out of reach when not in use.
  • Do not attempt to modify the gun mechanics or make your own ammo.
  • Adult supervision is recommended, especially for children under 8 years old.
  • Obey all local laws and avoid shooting at private property without permission.

With responsible use, Orbeez blasters provide endless family-friendly fun under the sun!

Creative Ways to Play and Battle with Orbeez Guns


Once you’ve got your blaster ready, here are some ideas for enjoying these slippery shooters:

Shoot at Targets

Set up targets like plastic bottles, cups, or buckets and practice your aim trying to knock them down! Fine-tune your marksmanship.

Orbeez Gun Fights

Grab some friends or family members with Orbeez blasters and have an all-out bead battle! Take cover behind trees and bushes as you advance and ambush your opponents.

Tag Games

One person starts out as “It” without a gun, while others try to tag them with Orbeez shots. If you get hit three times, you become the new “It”. Run, dodge, and take cover!

Obstacle Course

Set up jumping, crawling, and climbing challenges. Players race through the course as others pelt them with Orbeez along the way.

Slip ‘n Slide Targets

Place cups and targets at the end of a slip ‘n slide. Slide by and try to shoot them down as you pass.

Orbeez Clay Pigeons

Make Orbeez “clay pigeons” by freezing small clumps of water beads. Then shoot them in mid-air!

Car Wash

Cover dirty bikes, wagons, playhouses or anything else with Orbeez. The splattering beads help scrub off the grime.

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Use your creativity to come up with more ways to squirtingly soak your opponents! Just be sure to pick up and reuse any spent beads at the end.

Top Pick: Zuru X-Shot Orbeez Soaker


Zuru X-Shot Orbeez Soaker

  • Shoots Orbeez or water making it versatile.
  • Includes flip-up sight for better aiming.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, even for kids.
View Price On Amazon

If you’re looking for an all-around awesome blaster to start your Orbeez arsenal, I highly recommend the Zuru X-Shot Orbeez Soaker.

Here’s why this compact pistol-sized pick is so great:

  • Shoots Orbeez or water making it versatile.
  • Slide-action pump makes rapid firing easy and fun.
  • Holds up to 27 Orbeez in the rotating chamber.
  • Includes flip-up sight for better aiming.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, even for kids.
  • Affordable price under $10 makes it a great value.
  • Comes with 70 Orbeez to start playing immediately.

With crisp firing action, versatility, and smart tactical design, the X-Shot Orbeez Soaker delivers elite soaking performance in a small package. It handles well in battle, yet is simple enough for young kids to enjoy.

I love the satisfaction of pumping it to build pressure and then popping off round after round of squishy splatting Orbeez! This little beast definitely earns my recommendation for first-time buyers.

Shopping Tips for Orbeez Blasters

When browsing the wide range of Orbeez soakers out there, keep these key tips in mind:

  • Pick a style that matches your needs – pistol, rifle, full-auto, etc.
  • Look for quality construction – sturdy blasters withstand heavy use.
  • Check firing power – higher FPS (feet per second) means more oomph.
  • Consider ammo capacity – more Orbeez means more shots before reloading.
  • Factor in price – entry models start under $10, premium can exceed $50.
  • Read reviews – see what other users say about a model’s performance.
  • Buy name brands like Zuru, Buzz Bee, and Zoomer for reliability.
  • Choose age appropriate – make sure kids can safely handle.

With a wide variety available, focus on finding the best blaster for your budget and needs. Quality Orbeez guns provide endless summer fun per shot!

Safety First When Battling with Orbeez Blasters


While Orbeez guns are designed to be safe, following some basic safety precautions will keep the fun going:

  • Always wear eye protection – glasses or goggles. This protects sensitive eyes from any potential harm from a speeding bead.
  • Establish a safe zone where no shooting is allowed, such as the patio or picnic table. This gives everyone a safe rest zone.
  • Set range limits like 10-20 feet and disallow point blank shots. This prevents accidental injuries.
  • Store guns and ammo properly when not in use so younger kids don’t access them unattended.
  • Stop play if anyone gets overly aggressive and reinforce that having fun is the goal, not winning.

Responsible use ensures an awesome experience for everyone involved in an Orbeez battle!

Fun for the Whole Family

With their simple, harmless ammo and outdoor action play, Orbeez guns have cemented themselves as a beloved family-friendly toy. Kids delight in the visual thrill of seeing Orbeez blast through the air and ping off targets. And parents can join in the ruckus while keeping a safe eye on the fun.

Neighborhood scrimmages, campouts, birthday parties, and backyard bonanzas are all perfect occasions to get out and enjoy blasting Orbeez. They lend themselves to team play, so you can have the little ones team up against mom and dad for some generational rivalry!

So rally your clan for some wet and wild, squishably splashable summertime antics. With a bit of creativity and a whole lotta Orbeez, your gang will make memories that stick around long after the beads dry up.

The Bottom Line on Orbeez Blasters

At the end of the day, Orbeez guns deliver delightful family-friendly fun. Their tactile squishy ammo adds sensory excitement and delight to traditional water fights. Kids are drawn to these colorful beads that magically grow in water.

Yet unlike rigid darts or pellets, Orbeez present a soft, non-painful impact. This opens up possibilities for outdoor shooting games that are safe for kids as young as 4 or 5 to join in.

Of course, supervision and safety are still key. But with responsible use, Orbeez blasters unlock a world of giggly, bonding moments under the sunny sky. Don’t let another summer go by without joining in on the splashy sensation!


What do Orbeez guns feel like?

Orbeez guns feel like any typical toy gun, but the fun is in the squishy, water-filled Orbeez they shoot. It’s a tactile delight!

What are Orbeez bullets made of?

Orbeez bullets are made of superabsorbent polymers. Just add water and they expand into squishy, colorful balls.

Is there a Orbeez gun?

Yep, Orbeez guns are a thing! They shoot hydrated Orbeez instead of traditional darts or pellets.

What is a powerful Orbeez gun?

If you’re looking for a powerful Orbeez gun, go for ones with high-capacity magazines and long-range capabilities. Brands like Maya Toys offer some top-notch options.

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