So you’re curious about whether Orbeez guns are legal in New York?

In the eyes of New York law, Orbeez guns aren’t classified as firearms but rather fall under the category of “air rifles.” So, while they aren’t outright illegal, there are regulations governing their use.

As a longtime toy enthusiast and blaster aficionado, I totally get it. Orbeez guns seem like such a fun and creative way to have harmless backyard battles with friends. But at the same time, you want to make sure you stay on the right side of the law. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about the legal status of Orbeez guns in New York. We’ll look at what exactly Orbeez guns are, whether they’re considered real firearms under New York statutes, the specific state laws regarding these toy blasters, any municipal bans that may be in place, and best practices for using Orbeez guns responsibly.

So, Are Orbeez Guns Considered Real Firearms in New York?

The first question we need to address is whether Orbeez blasters actually count as firearms under New York statutes. Given that they shoot a soft projectile using spring pressure, you may be surprised to learn that they are NOT classified as real guns in the state of New York.


Do Orbeez guns shoot projectiles?

Actual firearms obviously fire metallic ammunition like bullets. And even pellet, BB, and airsoft guns shoot hard projectiles made of steel, lead, or plastic materials.

Orbeez on the other hand are water-absorbing beads made of a non-toxic, biodegradable polymer. They’re soft and mostly harmless outside of the rare potential for minor irritation.

Can Orbeez guns cause injury?

While no toy blaster is perfectly without risk if misused, Orbeez guns are on the lower end of the danger spectrum. With proper protective gear like glasses and masks, they can be used quite safely for recreational gel ball battles.

The worst potential injuries, like blunt force trauma to the eyes, would require intentionally firing at vulnerable areas from an unsafe distance. And even then, the risk is low due to the softness of hydrated Orbeez beads.

Do Orbeez guns require permits in New York?

So if Orbeez blasters don’t shoot traditional ammunition, does this mean you need some kind of permit or registration to own one in New York? Thankfully, no.

Unlike actual firearms and some air guns, there are no regulations requiring permits, background checks, or registration for Orbeez blasters. They are not considered weapons under New York law.

New York Laws Classify Orbeez Guns as Toy Guns

Now that we’ve established Orbeez blasters are not equivalent to real firearms, what exactly does New York law consider them? Well, Orbeez guns fall under the category of toy guns or imitation weapons.

Let’s look at some key aspects of New York legislation regarding toy guns and how they apply to Orbeez blasters:

What do New York laws classify Orbeez guns as?

Under New York state law, it is legal for children under 16 years old to possess toy guns like Orbeez blasters. The exception would be imitation firearms – Orbeez guns do not fall into this category.

So feel free to gift your kid that motorized rapid fire Orbeez storm blaster they’ve been begging for (with proper supervision of course)!

Where are Orbeez guns prohibited in New York?

While children can legally have toy guns like Orbeez blasters outside of school, they are strictly prohibited on school grounds and school buses in New York.

Bringing an Orbeez gun to school would be grounds for disciplinary action, like suspension or expulsion. The school is within its right to punish possession of imitation weapons on premises.

What are the penalties for misusing Orbeez guns?

New York bans possession of imitation weapons in public if the intention is to menace or intimidate others. Basically, don’t run around public waving your Orbeez gun at people in a threatening manner.

Brandishing your colorful foam blaster in the park in a way that scares folks can still get you in legal trouble, even if Orbeez guns aren’t considered real weapons.

Reckless Use Could Lead to Fines

If you go firing your souped up Orbeez gatling gun willy nilly in your neighborhood, you may get slapped with some civil penalties. Discharging toy projectile weapons recklessly on private property in a way that could foreseeably cause injury can warrant fines.

So make sure you only partake in Orbeez battles in safe locations with proper protective equipment and the consent of other participants.

Are There Any Municipal Bans on Orbeez Guns?

While Orbeez blasters are perfectly legal in most of New York, some individual cities and counties have enacted local ordinances restricting usage and possession of the toy guns:


Have some cities banned Orbeez guns?

For instance, the city of Rochester, NY specifically prohibits discharging or possessing toy plastic pellet guns like Orbeez blasters in public parks or spaces. Other cities like Albany may have similar restrictions.

These local ordinances tend to prohibit using Orbeez guns in public areas like parks, streets, plazas, etc. Private use on personal property is still generally fine.

What is the rationale behind these bans?

The rationale behind these municipal bans is to prevent the nuisance caused by masses of scattered Orbeez beads in public spaces. The beads can be hard to clean up and slip hazards when left on the ground in parks.

Bans also intend to prevent improper use of Orbeez blasters to vandalize property or injure residents in public places.

Regional Bans Include New Jersey

Beyond just individual New York cities, the entire state of New Jersey banned Orbeez guns from public spaces in 2021. So nearby states are joining the crackdown as well.

If venturing beyond New York, research local ordinances in the city, county, or state you’ll be visiting to avoid any illegal use.

Best Practices for Safe and Responsible Orbeez Battling

Just because your local area doesn’t have bans, doesn’t mean you should run rampant with Orbeez warfare. Here are some tips for using Orbeez blasters properly:

Protect Your Peepers!

The most important safety precaution is wearing eye protection. At close range, an Orbeez round to the eyes could cause serious damage. Always wear shatter-resistant protective glasses or goggles.

Gear Up

In addition to eye protection, gloves, long sleeves, and masks can help prevent accidental skin irritation and welts during intense battles. Take it from me, getting hit point blank in the knuckles stings!

Upgrade Smartly

While it’s tempting to pump up your blaster’s power with modifications, this can increase risks substantially. Avoid adjustments that boost velocity and impact beyond stock levels.

Seek Consent

Only use Orbeez guns on private property with the clear consent of the property owner and all participants. Assuming people are okay with being bombarded is asking for trouble.

Biodegradable Ammo

Some manufacturers make biodegradable Orbeez-like ammo out of natural materials like polysaccharides. These break down much quicker if remnants are left behind.

Alright, that was a whole lot of info to absorb! Let’s do a quick recap:

  • Orbeez guns are toy blasters that shoot soft water absorbing gel beads
  • They are not classified as firearms under New York law and do not require permits
  • New York bans Orbeez guns specifically in schools and school buses
  • Reckless use in public spaces can warrant fines
  • Some NY cities prohibit possession and use in public areas
  • Follow basic safety practices like protective gear and biodegradable ammo

I hope this guide gave you a good understanding of the legal landscape for Orbeez blasters in New York. Now get out there, chase your friends around the backyard, and pelt them relentlessly with foam beads – 100% legally and safely of course! Let me know if you have any other toy gun legality questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Orbeez gun illegal in New York?

Well, New York has some pretty strict laws when it comes to firearms and even toy guns. However, Orbeez guns are generally not classified as firearms. They shoot water-absorbing polymer beads, not bullets. But keep in mind, using any toy in a manner that imitates a real gun could land you in trouble. Always check your local laws to be absolutely sure.

Which guns are illegal in New York?

New York has one of the strictest gun control laws in the U.S. You’ll find that assault weapons, unregistered firearms, and certain types of ammunition are illegal. It’s essential to know that owning a gun without a proper permit is a no-go in New York.

Are toy guns illegal in NY?

In New York, it’s not that all toy guns are illegal, but they have some serious restrictions. For instance, toy guns need to be brightly colored or have an orange tip to make sure they can’t be mistaken for a real firearm. Selling or using a realistic-looking toy gun can lead to legal issues.

Are gel guns illegal in New York?

When it comes to gel guns, which are similar to Orbeez guns, they’re generally not classified as firearms. However, New York law does not permit the sale of realistic-looking toy guns, even if they fire harmless projectiles like gel balls. So, it’s always better to be cautious and check local laws for specific regulations.

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