Orbeez guns. One minute I had no idea they existed, the next I was obsessed with getting my hands on one. But my excitement turned to sticker shock when I saw the prices ranging from $20 pistols to $200 rapid-fire bazookas!

As a broke millennial, I had questions. Why the huge cost difference? What factors impact the pricing? And most importantly – are high-end models actually worth the investment?

Turns out the cost boils down to a few key things:

  • Size – Small pistols are cheapest, large automatic rifles cost a premium
  • Power – Manual pump action is cheaper than motorized electric
  • Ammo capacity – Guns holding more beads aren’t cheap
  • Build quality – Sturdy materials over flimsy plastic cost more

While I was tempted to snag a $20 popper, I realized saving up for a legit rifle could be worth it for the endless ammo and enhanced performance.

Still, that’s a lot of money to blast beads! In this article I’ll break down Orbeez gun costs so you can decide which model fits your budget. Time to investigate these pew pew prices!

So, What’s The Cheapest To High-end Price For An Orbeez Gun


Best Orbeez Gun Under $30

Electric Gel Ball Toy Automatic

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Best Orbeez Gun Under $40

Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster

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Best Orbeez Gun Under $50

The Original Gel Blaster Surge

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Best Orbeez Guns


Electric Gel Ball Toy Automatic

  • Electric full auto firing
  • 80 foot range
  • Large ammo capacity
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Looking to upgrade your summer water gun game? Then let me introduce you to the hard-hitting Electric Gel Ball Toy Automatic from Risop. After testing this rapid-fire orbeez beast, I can confirm it brings some serious heat to outdoor battles.

Right out of the box, the Electric Gel Ball Toy Automatic impressed me with its slick looks. The angular green and orange design pops compared to other blasters. But the vivid style is just the beginning.

When it comes to performance, this fully automatic orb launcher is in a league of its own. The upgraded motorized firing mechanism unleashes endless barrages of water beads with power and precision. Here’s why you need this orbeez warrior in your arsenal:

Features and Benefits:

Electric full auto firingNo pumping required
80 foot rangeDominate opponents from afar
Large ammo capacityProlonged battles without reloading
Durable constructionWithstands rough play
Vivid colors and lightsVisually appealing for kids

Rapid-Fire Fury

The insanely fast electric auto firing on the Electric Gel Ball Toy Automatic completely outpaces manual pump action models. I’m talking endless ammo torrents raining down orb destruction on opponents.

The advanced gearbox propels beads up to 80 feet away. With the capacity to shoot 100 orbs per minute, this beast doesn’t mess around. The non-stop bead barrage is exhilarating!

Built to Last

Between the sturdy ABS construction and smooth metal gearbox, the Electric Gel Ball Toy Automatic can withstand even the rowdiest battles.

It still looks and performs like new after extensive backyard warfare thanks to the durable materials. I don’t have to worry about it breaking anytime soon.

Safe Soaking

The non-toxic water beads ensure harmless fun for all ages. The included protective goggles let kids join the bead blasting safely.

The adjustable nozzle and easy-access safety switch prevent potentially dangerous misfires. I appreciate how Risop prioritized safety alongside power.

Bottom Line

While the Electric Gel Ball Toy Automatic costs more than basic models, its unmatched rapid-fire power and durable build make it well worth the investment.

If you want an orbeez weapon that dominates the competition, this beast delivers. I can’t recommend it highly enough for intense summer skirmishes!

My Experience With Electric Gel Ball Toy Automatic:

  • Unleashes endless ammo barrages for superior firepower
  • Sturdy gearbox never jams or breaks even after heavy use
  • Vibrates a lot during firing which feels odd at first
  • Requires more cleaning than manually pumped models
  • Takes time to fill the massive 250 bead capacity


Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster

  • Fully automatic firing
  • Vivid green/black color
  • 400 orbeez capacity
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Tired of boring squirt guns? Well let me tell you about the Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster that’s about to take your summer water wars to the next level. After testing out this automatic splat gun myself, I can confirm it delivers epic orbeez combat for kids and adults alike.

Right off the bat, I was impressed by the Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster’s vivid green and black color scheme. It looks slick and high-tech compared to those cheap neon water pistols from my childhood.

But this orb blaster is about way more than just looks. It’s packed with performance features that put it in a league of its own when it comes to summer play. Here’s what makes it so awesome:

Features and Benefits

Fully automatic firingNo manual pumping required
70 foot firing rangeHit targets from far away
400 orbeez capacityProlonged battle without reloading
Rechargeable batterySaves money on batteries
USB charging cableConvenient charging
Durable constructionWithstands regular use
Vivid green/black colorVisually appealing for kids

Rapid-Fire Fury

The fully automatic firing mode on the Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster allows for relentless bead barrages. No more sore arms from pumping constantly! Just hold down the trigger and watch the orbeez fly at opponents up to 70 feet away.

The upgraded motor on this bad boy gives it some serious torque. We’re talking endless ammo streams that pelt buddies into soaking submission. The electric auto firing brings a huge advantage over tiring manual models.

Quick to Assemble

I expected a confusing mess of parts and instructions when taking the Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster out of the box. But I was pleasantly surprised by how fast and easy it was to get battle ready.

The intuitive design allowed me to install the batteries, fill the hopper with water beads, and start firing in under 5 minutes. No complex assembly required. Before I knew it, I was dominating my kids with rapid orb barrages!

Quality Construction

Even after extensive use, the Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster shows no signs of wear and tear. It stands up to rough handling thanks to the sturdy shell and upgraded internal components.

I don’t have to worry about it breaking down in the heat of battle. The durable construction means this blaster will likely outlast my kids’ interest in orbeez wars!

Bottom Line

While it doesn’t come cheap, the Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster delivers unmatched electric firepower and durability that makes it worthwhile for serious summer skirmishing.

If you want an orbeez gun that dominates the competition without tiring you out, this fully-auto beast should top your list. Just be prepared for some seriously epic family battles!

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

My Experience Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster:

  • Fires tons of orbs rapidly for endless ammo barrage
  • Sturdy build and smooth firing mechanism, never jams
  • Takes time to fill the large 400 bead hopper
  • Requires cleaning after use to prevent corrosion
  • Pretty heavy, tires out smaller kids after long battles


The Original Gel Blaster Surge

  • 170 FPS velocity
  • 300 orbeez capacity
  • Lithium battery
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If you’re looking to dive into the world of orbeez blasters, let me tell you about an awesome option – the Original Gel Blaster Surge. I recently got my hands on one of these bad boys and put it through some intense backyard battles. Here’s my honest take after taking it for an extensive test drive.

Right away, I loved the bold yellow and black color scheme on the Surge. It gives the blaster some real visual pop compared to the standard green/black orbeez guns out there. Stylin’!

But this orb launcher is about way more than just looks. When it comes to performance, the Surge brings some serious heat. The semi-auto and full-auto firing modes deliver ultra-fast bead spraying action. Here’s what makes it so rad:

Features and Benefits

170 FPS velocityExtreme power and 100+ foot range
Semi and full auto firingVersatility for different battle scenarios
300 orbeez capacityProlonged firing before reloading
Lithium batteryRapid 60-90 min recharging
USB charger includedConvenient charging method
Bold yellow/black colorVisually striking aesthetic

Next-Level Power

With a blistering 170 FPS velocity, the Surge can launch orbeez over 100 feet away with sniper-like precision. Now that’s some intense power!

The advanced pressure system gives it way more torque than standard manual pump models. I’m able to pepper opponents with endless bead barrages from far across the yard. No more close-range squirting!

Smooth Dual Firing Modes

The selectable semi-auto and full-auto firing modes let me unleash torrential downpours or measured single shots.

Having options allows me to adapt my bead spraying fury for different battle scenarios. I can go stealth sniper or raging machine gunner in seconds!

Rapid Recharging

The Surge’s lithium battery recharges lightning fast compared to old nickel batteries. I can plug in the USB for just 60-90 minutes and get back to full auto domination.

No more ditching battles to recharge overnight or stockpiling extra batteries. The included fast charger keeps the action going strong.

Final Verdict

Is the Surge perfect? No. The battery life could be longer. But the insane power and versatile firing modes make this an awesome introduction to high-end electric orb blasters.

If you want next-level performance to dominate friends and family, I highly recommend the Surge. This beast delivers hours of rapid-fire summer fun!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

My Experience The Original Gel Blaster Surge:

  • Super powerful and accurate at long ranges
  • Fun being able to switch between semi and full auto
  • Battery overheats quickly after continuous rapid firing
  • Takes time to fill the large 300 orb capacity
  • A bit heavy for younger kids’ smaller hands

Factors That Affect Orbeez Gun Pricing

The price range for Orbeez blasters is pretty wide depending on the size, power and extra features. Here are the key things that determine how much an Orbeez gun costs:

  • Size of the gun – Smaller pistols are cheaper than larger rifles.
  • Ammo capacity – Guns that hold more Orbeez cost more.
  • Firing power – Manual pump guns are cheaper than automatic electric.
  • Build quality – Better materials and durability raise prices.
  • Special features – Things like battery-powered full-auto firing, glow-in-the-dark, tie-dye Orbeez, etc. increase costs.
  • Branding and licensing – Big toy brands charge a premium. Licensed blasters, like Nerf Orbeez guns, are pricier.
  • Target age range – Guns aimed at older kids and adults are more expensive.

Now let’s look at what you can realistically expect to pay…

Typical Orbeez Gun Prices

Here are the average price ranges you’ll see as you shop for Orbeez blasters:

Small Pistol-Style Orbeez Guns

These little single-shot orb shooters are pretty bare bones in terms of power and ammo capacity. But they make a great budget-friendly option for younger kids.

  • Average Price: $10 – $15
  • Capacity: 5 – 15 Orbeez
  • Power Source: Manual pump action

Medium-Sized Rifle Orbeez Guns

A step up in size and power, these middle-of-the-road blasters offer a balance of capacity, firing rate and affordability.

  • Average Price: $20 – $30
  • Capacity: 25 – 75 Orbeez
  • Power Source: Manual or semi-auto electric pump

Large High-Capacity Automatic Orbeez Guns

The big boys! These full-auto battery-powered giants hold upwards of 200 Orbeez and unleash rapid-fire barrages. They don’t come cheap.

  • Average Price: $50 – $100+
  • Capacity: 100 – 250+ Orbeez
  • Power Source: Full-auto electric

Are Fancy Orbeez Guns Worth the Higher Prices?

In my opinion? Not always. Basic mid-range Orbeez guns still provide tons of kid-pleasing play value at a fraction of the premium price.

But if you have the budget for a top-tier fully-loaded Orbeez blaster? Those can take playtime to a whole new level of fun! We’re talking decked out rapid-firing laser-accurate machines with glowing Orbeez and wild color schemes. Pretty sweet.

The decision really comes down to your own budget and just how into Orbeez wars your family is. Or how much peace of mind the extended warranties on higher-end models gives you (no one likes a busted toy the day after Christmas)!

At the end of the day, any Orbeez gun – even the entry-level pistols – makes an awesome gift. Just grab a pack of extra ammo and watch the family battles commence! Be prepared to join in too – these things are addictively fun for parents also.

So now that you know what to expect for Orbeez gun prices, you can shop worry-free and make the best choice for your family. Let me know if you have any other toy-buying questions! I’m always happy to help fellow parents pick out the most fun toys within their budgets.

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