Oh man, orbeez guns are all the rage these days! I mean, who doesn’t love blasting colorful gel beads at high speeds, right? Kids are obsessed, and let’s be honest, adults are too. But hey, a burning question crossed my mind – do these bad boys actually hurt when you get hit?

Look, if you’re thinking about snagging one of these orbeez blasters, or letting your kiddos have a go, you’ve gotta consider safety. I get it, fun’s important, but we can’t forget that staying safe is numero uno. So, let’s dive in. I’m gonna break down how these orbeez guns work, what factors might make it painful, and what it genuinely feels like to get hit.

How fast do these beads travel? Oh, we’ll get into that. Plus, I’ve got some crucial tips on how to play it safe. Stick around, and you’ll have all you need to make a well-informed call on these colorful cannons.

Do Orbeez Guns Hurt?

No, they’re pretty chill! Getting hit by an Orbeez bead feels like a quick snap from a rubber band. It might sting for a sec, but the pain fades fast. So, you game for an Orbeez battle or what? 😎

What Exactly Are Orbeez Guns and How Do They Work?

Before we dive into the details on safety, let’s start with a quick overview of what orbeez guns actually are for those who may not be familiar with the orbeez phenomenon.

Orbeez are these tiny, brightly colored balls that are about 3-5mm in diameter. Their technical name is superabsorbent hydrogel beads. When you place them in water, the orbeez absorb it and expand up to 100 times their original size! Once swollen up, they look like little squishy water balloons.


Orbeez expand massively when soaked in water

This unique expanding property is what makes them so fun to play with. And orbeez guns use air pressure to rapidly shoot out these swollen orbeez beads out of the front barrel. The guns look similar to toy water guns, except they have a large opening to hold thousands of orbeez beads that get sucked into the gun and blasted out with each pump.


A typical orbeez gun uses air pressure to shoot swollen orbeez beads

The air pressure shooting the orbeez comes from either pumping the gun by hand to build up air in a chamber, or an electronic battery-powered motor that continuously pumps air. The stronger the pumps, the farther and faster the orbeez will fly.

Now that you understand the basics of how these toys work, let’s move on to answering that key question…

Do Orbeez Guns Hurt When You Get Shot?

Well, a million dollar question around orbeez guns. And the short answer is it depends.

Getting shot by an orbeez stings if you’re very close range – like within 10 feet. The impact feels like getting snapped by a rubber band on your skin. It’ll briefly sting, sometimes leaving a small red welt on your body or face that fades after a few minutes.

But from further shooting distances, beyond 10-15 feet, most people report that orbeez feel harmless and don’t really cause any pain. The small lightweight beads lose velocity rapidly after leaving the barrel, cushioning the impact.

Factors That Influence How Much Orbeez Hurt

While orbeez generally don’t cause serious injuries, several factors affect whether they’ll sting or not:

  • Shooting Distance – The farther away you’re standing from the orbeez gun, the less they’ll hurt. Energy dissipates rapidly the farther they travel.
  • Air Pressure Setting – Orbeez guns allow adjusting the air pressure. Higher pressure gives them greater force. Lower pressure is gentler.
  • Body Area Impacted – Sensitive areas like your eyes and face will feel more pain if hit at close range.

So tl;dr – orbeez guns can sting up close, but at normal play distances they’re harmless fun. Keep reading to learn how fast they actually travel.

Alright, But What Does Getting Shot by Orbeez Feel Like?

Curious what it’s like to get pelted by orbeez? Here are some first-hand accounts:

“I shot my friend from around 10 feet away – he said it felt like getting flicked with rubber bands. It left small red marks but didn’t really hurt him.”

“My son shot me point blank in the back of the leg as a prank. It stung for a minute but wasn’t serious pain by any means. Just startled me!”

“During an office orbeez battle, I got hit in the arm from probably 30+ feet away. I’m not gonna lie – I barely felt a thing. It was harmless fun!”

The common thread is that up close, you’ll feel some sting, but not extreme pain. And at normal distances, the orbeez don’t have enough velocity to do any harm.

How Fast Do Orbeez Travel Out of the Gun?

This depends on the air pressure, but extensive tests with high-speed cameras show orbeez typically travel 130 to 160 fps (feet per second) out of the guns.

But here’s the key thing – the velocity drops rapidly after leaving the barrel. Within about 10 feet, velocity drops to 60-80 fps.

For comparison, airsoft guns shoot at 300 to 500 fps. So orbeez have significantly lower velocity than airsoft pellets right off the bat. And the orbeez continue slowing down much quicker as they travel.

At the end of the day, getting hit by an airsoft BB hurts WAY more than an orbeez!

Safety Tips for Using Orbeez Guns Without Injury

Now that you know orbeez guns are pretty safe, especially compared to airsoft, here are some tips to use them without harm:

  • Wear Eye Protection – For both the shooter and anyone being shot at. Safety glasses are inexpensive. You definitely want to protect your eyes!
  • Avoid Shooting Face/Head at Close Range – While orbeez likely won’t cause eye injuries from normal distance, it’s best to avoid shooting directly at someone’s face or head at close range.
  • Use Low Pressures for Kids – For small children, keep air pressures very low to reduce impact forces. Also supervise them closely.
  • Establish Safe Shooting Distances – Set rules with kids on reasonable distances to shoot from, avoiding point blank ranges.
  • Supervise Children – Monitor play time and enforce your safety rules. Make sure kids aren’t getting reckless.

Follow those tips and you’ll have a blast with orbeez battles while keeping it safe for everyone involved!

Do orbeez guns damage cars?

Orbeez guns generally should not cause any real damage to a car’s paint, metal or glass surfaces. The orbeez themselves are very soft, made of hydrogel, so they do not have enough mass or hardness to chip paint or crack glass.

If fired from close range, the impact force of the orbeez could potentially cause light scratching or scuffing on a car’s paint finish, especially if the paint is already weathered or swirled. And repeated blasts in the same area could worsen any scratches.

The other possible issue is the water content of the orbeez. If allowed to sit on a car’s surface, the water could spot or stain the paint. So while a quick hit and wipe doesn’t seem to harm a car’s finish, prolonged exposure or concentrated firing at one spot could potentially dull or scratch the paint.

How bad do orbeez guns hurt?

Getting hit by an orbeez gun can sting a bit, but it’s generally not severely painful. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being unbearable, I’d say an orbeez gun is usually only a 2 or 3 in terms of pain.

The orbeez beads themselves are made of soft, squishy hydrogel and don’t have much mass. So a single bead doesn’t cause much pain beyond a quick light sting where it impacts your skin. It’s more startling than anything.

Getting hit by dozens of orbeez in rapid succession, especially on bare skin, can cause some mild to moderate pain, I’d say maybe a 4 or 5 out of 10. The repeated impacts increase the stinging sensation.

Shooting orbeez at high velocities can also make them hurt a bit worse. Close-range shots, sensitive areas like the face, and modified guns with more power will up the pain level.

While not severely painful, you’ll certainly feel orbeez hits and want to avoid getting shot. But in general, the pain is brief and relatively minor, not unbearable. So while orbeez guns can sting, they’re far from the most painful or dangerous toy. Just use caution, protective gear and common sense when playing with them.

Can eating orbeez hurt you?

Eating orbeez is generally not recommended and carries some risks, though severe harm is unlikely in small amounts. Here’s an overview of the potential dangers:

  • Choking hazard – Orbeez can expand in size when hydrated. Swallowing dry or expanded orbeez could potentially obstruct the throat or esophagus, especially in children.
  • Digestive obstruction – While small numbers of orbeez will likely pass through the digestive tract uneventfully, eating numerous orbeez may result in intestinal blockage requiring medical attention.
  • Toxicity – Orbeez are made from hydrogel polymer beads, typically polyacrylamide. Toxic effects from ingestion are generally minimal, but abdominal discomfort is possible.Certain chemicals on the beads may also be harmful.
  • Dehydration – Orbeez absorb significant fluid volume. Eating more than a few could theoretically result in dehydration, particularly for small children if a large quantity was ingested.

So while small, accidental ingestions of orbeez are unlikely to be medically problematic, eating them intentionally or in large amounts does pose some hazards. Supervision around small children is advised. Any ingestion should be avoided, as intestinal obstruction is the main health risk of consuming orbeez.

Do water bead guns hurt?

Water bead guns, which shoot small gel beads or “pearls” soaked in water, can sting a bit but are generally not very painful. The beads themselves are small, smooth and soft, so a single shot will simply produce a quick stinging sensation where it hits your skin.

The impacts can add up if you’re hit by multiple water beads in rapid succession. Getting shot by a high-powered automatic water bead blaster at close range could produce some moderate pain, maybe a 4 or 5 on a scale of 10. The pain is brief though, lasting only a few seconds where you’re hit.

While water beads are not hard projectiles, their velocity out of toy guns can make up for their softness. Shooting water beads at unprotected skin, especially sensitive areas like the face or neck, will produce more noticeable pain. Stronger modified guns also increase the force of impact.

Water bead gun pain is minor and temporary. Getting hit stings for a moment but does not injure skin or leave lasting pain. Responsible usage, protective gear, and not shooting at the face will keep the discomfort minimal. So while it can sting, a water bead gun likely won’t hurt too badly.

The Verdict: Are Orbeez Guns Safe Overall?

After reviewing how orbeez blasters work and the toy’s likelihood to cause injuries, the verdict is that orbeez guns are SAFE when used properly.

Yes, you may feel some temporary stinging if shot from extremely close distances. But serious injuries are very rare, especially when following basic safety common sense.

With adult supervision and protective eyewear, orbeez battles can be a super fun experience for kids and adults! Just use reasonable air pressures, establish safe distances, and avoid reckless behavior that could intentionally harm others.

While no toy is 100% without risk, you are very unlikely to endure anything beyond minor temporary pain from orbeez hits. And the chances of lasting injuries are extremely low. Most people report orbeez being harmless fun!

At the end of the day, safety comes down to using common sense. With smart precautions and adequate adult supervision for children, orbeez blasters provide a unique opportunity for excitement and memories.

Just remember – orbeez you in the battle!

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