Orbeez guns have become a hugely popular toy in recent years. But what exactly do they serve? Orbeez guns, at their core, are a novel way to shoot small gel pellets as an alternative to traditional water guns or NERF guns. The soft, colorful Orbeez pellets make a fun ammo substitute that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

What Are Orbeez Guns Used For?

Orbeez guns are toy guns that shoot out soft, water-absorbent polymer balls called Orbeez. They are commonly used for recreational outdoor water fights and indoor target practice games.

Firing Away in Outdoor Water Fights

Outdoor water battles with Orbeez guns are fun and common. These guns are great for kids and adults to water fight in the summer.

The soft, mostly water Orbeez pellets avoid the painful sting of traditional water gun streams while still soaking your opponents. Their biodegradability and non-toxicity eliminate littering and environmental chemicals. Quick and easy cleanup.


Movies show epic water gun fights with people hiding behind trees and darting across yards. You can recreate the fun in your backyard with Orbeez blasters! Load your guns with brightly colored Orbeez pellets and start shooting with friends or family.

After starting an Orbeez battle, you never know how soaked you’ll get. Ammunition seems endless!

Fun Indoor Target Practice Games

Even though squirting each other with Orbeez guns while running around in the yard is loads of fun, don’t limit yourself to just the great outdoors.

Indoor target practice is a common use for these guns by both young people and adults. Put some targets around the house, load up your Orbeez gun, and start shooting!

When compared to regular plastic pellets, the soft gel pellets are much less likely to cause damage to furniture, appliances, and other home decor. You won’t need to fret over valuables being damaged by errant ammunition fragments.

Turn target practice into a game by setting up targets of varying sizes and assigning point values to each one. Make your goals more imaginative. Target practice can be a lot of fun using commonplace objects like plastic cups, empty cardboard boxes, and aluminum cans.

With Orbeez guns, you can have all the fun of a NERF battle without having to brave the elements by practicing your aim indoors. When you have bright, squishy Orbeez bouncing down the hall, you won’t be thinking about the rain or the late hour.

A Softer Alternative to NERF Gun Play

When it comes to NERF battles, Orbeez guns are often used in place of the traditional hard foam darts. Try Orbeez blasters if you like NERF guns but don’t like how the darts can hurt people or damage things too easily.

The water-based, soft Orbeez pellets mimic the experience of NERF guns without the safety hazards. You can enjoy the same thrilling “shooting” action without risking injury or damage.

Younger children who would like to play with toy guns like NERF guns will find Orbeez guns to be ideal. Children can still practice their aim and shooting skills with the soft pellets without fear of injury.


Orbeez guns offer an inexpensive alternate ammunition option for NERF fans who use their weapons frequently. When compared to the cost of constantly replacing broken or misplaced NERF darts, purchasing a large quantity of pre-made Orbeez pellets can be a cost-effective alternative.

Get an Orbeez gun if you like the fun of foam dart blasters but prefer something gentler and safer.

Mechanics from Video Games Made Real

Orbeez blasters are popular because they allow users to experience a feeling of immersion similar to that of playing a shooting game in real life. You can now train your aim in the real world by squirting Orbeez pellets at targets, just like you would with a virtual rifle or handgun in a video game.

The Orbeez create an exciting real-world “shooting game” with their colorful splatting action against different backgrounds such as trees, cardboard, and clanging metal. You and your pals can don protective gear and turn your backyards and streets into simulated battlegrounds, just like in paintball.

Orbeez battles allow you to safely simulate shooting games in a tangible way, despite being obviously less violent and dangerous than real firearms. Orbeez blasters allow kids to take their virtual gaming experiences beyond the screen.

Going to War with the Orbeez

When it comes to real-life adaptations of popular video game modes of conflict, one of the most common applications of Orbeez guns is the organization of complex Orbeez wars involving teams of players.

Like paintball and other immersive war games, Orbeez allows players to plan tactics with their teams, outfit themselves in protective gear, and engage in full-on battle in any setting they choose.

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Making Your Own Special Bullets

Making your own Orbeez pellets at home is a fun and creative way for Orbeez gun owners to extend the fun of their blasters. You can make all the ammunition you need for hours of shooting fun with just a few common items.

What you’ll need to create your own Orbeez:

Beads made of polymer are sold in hobby shops and on the internet. Beads with a diameter of about 5 to 6 millimeters will work with your Orbeez gun.

  • H2O – This is what turns the Orbeez beads into squishy little pellets.
  • Optional food coloring to give your Orbeez a one-of-a-kind hue.
  • Essential oils (optional) – Orbeez can be scented with enticing fragrances using only a few drops of scented oils.

To make the dry polymer beads wet, just combine them with enough liquid. Allow them to sit for a few hours to reach full size. If you’d like, you can also add a few drops of food coloring or essential oil.

You now have an arsenal of Orbeez pellets with a unique scent. Make use of a wide range of hues and aromas. If you use scented Orbeez, be sure to let them dry completely before loading them into your blaster.

You can make your own Orbeez in whatever colors and scents you like. It’s also a lot less expensive than buying pellets from a store. Prepare yourself for the pinnacle of Orbeez fun!

Popular Varieties of the Orbeez Blaster


Several vendors sell Orbeez guns with varying features and prices. The Gel Blaster and the Gel Storm are two of the most well-known versions.

The barrel of the Gel Blaster is shaped like a drum, and it can store up to a hundred Orbeez pellets for rapid-fire fun. The pump action design ensures rapid reloading in the heat of battle.

The Gel Storm’s design is reminiscent of classic firearms, with its rifled barrel and pistol grip. It has a shoulder strap so you can take it with you as you sneak up on your enemies. Each reload of the Gel Storm can hold up to 30 Orbeez.

The Gel Blaster and Gel Storm can both fire Orbeez up to 65 feet away and are optimized for rapid fire on the move. Depending on the model and ammunition capacity, the price of an Orbeez gun can be as low as $15.

To find the best Orbeez gun for your play style, think about how many rounds it holds, how far it shoots, and how comfortable it is to hold. And don’t forget to buy a ton of ammunition just in case.

How do gel ball guns work?

The spring-loaded mechanism in gel ball guns like Orbeez blasters allows for the rapid firing of the soft gel pellets. When the trigger is pulled, the Orbeez balls are drawn into a firing chamber using a motorized impeller, and most models store the balls in a reservoir. 

The impeller spins quickly, propelling the gel ball out of the barrel. Before firing, the pressure chamber of some models of gel gun must be pumped or manually filled with air. Electric gel blasters of higher quality can fire either semi- or fully-automatically, allowing for rapid, continuous fire. The gel pellets absorb the impact quickly to prevent injury.

How much money is an Orbeez gun?

Orbeez guns can be found for anywhere between $10 and $50, with the majority costing $20 to $30. Some variants may cost more because they have more ammo, fire at a faster rate, use electric full auto fire, or come with more accessories. 

Orbeez pellet refill packs cost $10 to $15 per 1000 count bag. When compared to more expensive toys like Nerf guns or paintball markers, gel blasters are a more wallet-friendly option. Orbeez battles are accessible to kids and adults alike due to the low cost of both the Orbeez and the blasters used in them.

Where can you use gel blasters?

Orbeez gel blasters can be used either inside or outside. Like water guns and Nerf guns, they are fun to use outside for a friendly battle in the backyard. Target practice games can be played with them indoors in basements, playrooms, or other large indoor spaces. 

Gel blasters are safe to use around furniture and other valuables because their ammunition is harmless. When playing indoors, it is especially important to establish safety rules and to always wear eye protection. Without the owner’s permission, you shouldn’t go anywhere near a park, road, school, or private property. Be smart about when and where you pull out the gel blaster.

Do Orbeez guns stain clothes?

In and of themselves, Orbeez gel pellets won’t leave any stains on your clothes. However, a few variants do have trace amounts of flavorings or food dyes in them. Close encounters with scented or colored Orbeez have the potential to discolor delicate fabrics. 

This is why it’s important to be careful when playing gel blaster wars and avoid shooting at people or their clothes. The Orbeez can be easily removed from hard surfaces by wiping or rinsing, but they may leave a stain on absorbent ones. If you’re concerned about spills, clear pellets are your best bet.

What age is Orbeez for?

Orbeez guns are intended for use by those over the age of 14. Children ages 8 to 14 can enjoy gel blasters under adult supervision, but they should always wear eye protection. Soft gel pellets make Orbeez kid-friendly, but use with caution to avoid eye damage. 

Under careful parental supervision, children ages 3-7 can also enjoy playing with Orbeez. The responsibility for observing safety measures rests squarely on the shoulders of each individual child. Age-appropriateness and proper adult supervision are essential. However, with supervised play, Orbeez provide entertainment for children as young as 3.


Orbeez blasters allow for a whole new level of imaginative outdoor play that was previously only possible with a garden hose and a group of friends. Fun shooting games can be played in the yard with the soft gel pellets and no one needs to worry about getting hurt.

Orbeez are a safer and more comfortable substitute for NERF and other rigid foam darts when practicing target shooting indoors. Without the need for screens, they recreate the thrill of video game gunplay.

Use common sense precautions, set ground rules for any organized games, and let your creativity run wild. On warm days, an Orbeez gun can provide hours of fun for the whole family.

With a load of Orbeez in your blaster, who needs a screen? Now round up your pals, settle on a battle anthem, and prepare to go in for the kill!

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